Generation 8 Song

Ok…we all know that generation 8 was EPIC! So much happened in generation 8, and there were so many parties involved and so many situations. There was Alayna and the Holmes family; Owen and his failure turned triumphant comeback; Brady’s drama that turned into the epic relationship of Brady and Viv; and, finally, it ended with the epic love saga of Julian and Jeannette. How does one pick one song to describe all of that awesomeness?? Very carefully, as OJenn said lol. I thought about this for a while, and I came up with a few underlying themes of all these situations. These themes really describe what the Pruett legacy is all about! Throughout every drama, every screw up, and every relationship, the Pruetts stick together and love and support each no matter what. They are family, but they are true friends to each other. The song I have selected is one of my favorites! Enjoy.

Generation 5 Song
Generation 9 Song

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