Generation 9 Song

I said 3 songs this week, but I just thought of a 4th. Actually, I had already thought of this but forgot that I did, he he.

Although generation 9 ended on an extremely sour note, I didn’t feel as if I should harp on that situation much even though it took up the last third of so of the generation. Besides, I don’t know any songs that describe someone losing all their family’s money lol. The driving force of generation 9 in the happy times as well as the sad times was Jonathan’s love for Skyla. That is the thread woven throughout generation 9’s fabric. We all know that his love for her ran deeper than just her looks, but we also know that her beauty was the force that drew her to him. We also know that he loved to see her smile and lived to make her happy which of course brought about the unfortunate times. So, in honor of Skyla’s beauty and happiness I give you this beautiful song; I love it! Enjoy.

Generation 8 Song
Pruett Anniversary: Revisiting the Past

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