Giancarlo’s Farewell | Welcome

Hi! Thank you for joining us…and being on time. We’re just waiting on a few family members to arrive. All the Pruetts and Sheridans are here. We’re just waiting on the Broussards (well…the Willards, technically) and Skylar and the twins. We should be getting started in about five minutes. While you’re waiting, have a look at our program!


The girls will speak at 7:05, then Kolby at 7:15, Lance at 7:25, Brandon at 7:35, me at 7:45, and then at 7:55 we will open the floor for anyone else to share a few words. You don’t want to miss the girls’ speech. They have some really precious, never before seen pictures of The Giancarlo the father! See you in a few minutes!


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