Giancarlo’s Farewell | Words from Lance

Uncle G was my favorite uncle. Sure, he was my only uncle, but if I had another, he would still be my favorite. G was a crazy crazy Sim. He used to get me in trouble by telling me all these wild, crazy stories, and of course I believed every one of them.

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He was a fun-loving dude, and I miss him. He never shooed me away or told me to come back when he wasn’t busy. He always had time for me.

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I would say that the most important lesson I learned from him indirectly was passion. G was a Sim FULL of all kinds of passion–it’s what drove him. I first discovered his passion through his music. He played with so much heart, you could just feel every note he played way down in your soul. I want to carry that same kind of passion in my career. I don’t want to just be funny. I want to relate to Sims and help them through their pain through laughter.

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As I got a little older, I saw the passion he had for his family. I have complete respect for my parents, but I have never seen a Sim love, honor, respect, and care for his wife like G did. Aunt Bianca, you have been the luckiest Sim, and I’m not sure if I even contain that capacity; but I sure as heck am going to try to love my future wife like G loved you. Uncle G, thank you for the lessons you didn’t know you taught. You made me a better Sim.

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