Giancarlo’s Strange Dream

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“Hey, BJ…do we know any Robinsons in Willow Creek?”

“Robinsons,” she thought for a moment. “No, I don’t think so. Why?”

“I had the strangest dream last night!”

“Yeah? What happened?”

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“I was young and skinny again. and I was a famous violinist! Everyone shortened my name to GNC, my stage name was ‘The Giancarlo Sheridan Violinist Extraordinaire,’ but I referred to myself as ‘The Giancarlo!'”

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“Ha! I could totally believe that!”

“I didn’t live here though. I didn’t even live in this town! I had signed up to be part of this music and art festival here put on by this Robinson family.”

“So what about me? Were we married?”

“Ummmmmmmm…yeah, kind of,” he said and began to sweat.

“Go on,” she said skeptically with squinted eyes.

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“Well, the thing about it was…I was flirting with everyone!”

“Mmm hmm, I bet you were.”

“The crazy thing was, it was like my flirting had powers! I mean, by the end of my concert, all the women were chasing after me! I mean, like LITERALLY running after me!”

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“Oh yeah…I KNOW this was a dream because the only woman chasing after you is ME! Right?”

“Of course, dear!”

He sat there for a second and was relieved that Bianca hadn’t overreacted and went back to eating her overstuffed grilled cheese sandwich. Then he started to remember more of the dream.

“Is there a rapper named Trinity Battle?”

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“Trinity Battle.”

“Not that I know of. Why…was she in the dream too?”

“Yeah. I didn’t treat her very well,” he said as he recalled his checkered life before Bianca.

“Oh my. What in the world did you do to her?”

“I flirted with her…a lot, and she fell in love with me. I told her I was married AFTER she kissed me.”

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“Dag, babe! That was dirty. You were just an old fashioned lady killer, weren’t you?”

“I didn’t mean to make her fall in love with me! I just needed to be in a flirty mood to help me prepare for my romantic piece for the concert!”

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“Of course you did,” she said sarcastically.

“That’s what I told her anyway. She was soo mad, I thought she might kill me! But, later that night, she was swooning over me with all the other women in the town. Even Mrs. Robinson! It had gotten soo bad that Mr. Robinson had to call security! The women were EVERYWHERE! One threw money at me, and another tried to touch me…and they made all of the children leave! I didn’t know if I was going to make it out there alive, so I finished my concert from the balcony so they couldn’t get to me.”

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She looked at him trying to figure him out. Was this just a crazy dream? Was it an expression of unmet desires in his waking life? Did he feel unfulfilled? Was he actually seeing other women? After all, he had been a house husband all these years. He definitely would have been able to have several successful affairs. For a split second, she pulled out those insecure feelings of old, and began to question herself and their love. But, the mature, confident Bianca we know now quickly tossed those feelings aside. She felt silly for even considering that there was anything to his dream. She had him, and they had an extraordinary life together. She knew that he only had eyes for her and there was nothing and no one that could ever tear them apart.

“Only an extremely talented, creative, HANDSOME, charming Sim like yourself could ever make up such a fanciful tale like that.”

“Right? I have to admit though…when I woke up this morning, I looked both ways before I stepped out of the room!”

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“You’re so special,” she laughed.

“A special guy, for a special lady!”

Bianca went back to her sandwich as Giancarlo’s mind started to drift back to the events in his mind.

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“So…what if I became a famous violinist and traveled the world and flirted with young Sims. Would you trust me?”

“Of course. You belong to me.”

“What if I flirted with someone right in front of your face?”

“Is this a test?”

“Just curious.”

“Do you plan to begin flirting with other Sims?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why do we have to talk about it?”

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“So the thought does trouble you?”

“I’m not saying it does! I just don’t think it’s necessary to discuss!”

“But you’re yelling…and that vein is popping out of your neck.”

“I’m not yelling!”

“You’re yelling.”

“Can we just drop it?”

Giancarlo smiled to himself. He loved that his wife still had the propensity to be jealous over him even at her age. He knew she wasn’t really upset and decided to press the issue once more. He was enjoying this situation a lot more than he probably should have.

“So…what if you were out one day…shopping…in the park…whatever…you see this nice, young Sim and strike up a conversation with her. She tells you her name, and it just happens to be Trinity Battle. What would you do?”

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She cut her eyes at him at so fast she could have sliced him in two. She knew he was messing with her, so after she got over that knee-jerk reaction, she came up with this witty repartee.

“I’d beat the plum out of her!”

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“[gasp] Mrs. Sheridan! I didn’t know such things could out of you! It’s kinda hot, actually.”

“Whatever. You know I’m not a gentle lamb.”

“But, you’re my gentle lamb.”

She loved how he loved her, looking past all of her flaws and insecurities and only seeing Bianca Janine:  one who just wanted and needed to be loved.

“Would you mind making spaghetti tonight,” he asked.

“Spaghetti? We just had breakfast and you’re thinking about dinner?”

“I know. It’s weird. The Giancarlo just has a really strong craving for spaghetti.”


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