House of Blues

Our house is blue. After getting that promotion I was working so hard for, we finally had enough money to do the house over like we wanted. I mean, it was a very nice house and all, but the decor was kinda…grandma-ish. I don’t have an eye for that stuff, so I set a budget and let my wife handle everything. She loves the color blue. Always has ever since she was a little girl. But since we’ve been together, blue has taken on a whole new meaning for her. Blue is the color of inspiration. Well, teal is. Creativity is a large part of who we are. It’s everything! Heck, we even named our daughter something creative. So, everywhere you go in every room there is blue, and it feels like home.

I feel completely at home now!
I feel completely at home now!

Life settled down a little after Ari’s birthday. It was nice to get back to doing something inspiring together.

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