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Sylas Pollard came home with Aria after school one afternoon, and she showed him who was boss on the monkey bars. They had been out there all afternoon and into the evening. Leliana kept calling them in for dinner, but Aria kept asking for five more minutes. After about three rounds of five more minutes, she left them alone and figured they would come in when they got hungry.

When Devan arrived home, he found Jayda on the porch. “Hey there, neighbor! How’s it going?”

“Hey Devan! I’m doing all right! Just came to collect Sy. He’ll sleep here if I don’t make him go home.”

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“Heh, yeah,” Devan snorted. “That’s good because Ari will make him dizzy if we let her.”

“I know that’s right! I’ve never seen a child love the monkey bars like her. It’s so nice that she and Sy are friends though. My youngest daughter’s birthday is coming up soon, and he wouldn’t have any other kids to play with.”

Three teenage girls? Holy cow plants! How are you and your husband still sane?”

“Heh, who said we were?”

Devan briefly considered the future and was a bit apprehensive about when he would have two teenage girls at once. “Well, come on in. No need to stand out here and talk,” he said and showed her in. He lead her to the kitchen where he knew he could find his wife. “Hey beautiful! Look who I found on the porch.”

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Leliana looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Jayda. “Why hello! It’s so lovely to see you!”

“Hey girl! What did you make?”

“Just a caprese salad. I made a rack of lamb the other day, so I figured we needed something light. Would you like to join us? I made plenty.”

“Sure! Thank you.”

“I tried to call the children in, but I guess they’re not interested!”

“Oh, they’re all right,” Jayda said. “They’ll eat when they get hungry. Not looking forward to prying him off those monkey bars though. So…you made lamb, huh? You’re good! I’m still not that good of a cook.”

“I have a lot of time on my hands, so ever since Aria was born, I’ve been learning various recipes.”

“Heh, remind me to invite myself over more often then!”

“You’re always welcomed, Jayda! It’s so nice to have visitors.”

“I was just teasing, but thank you.”

The three adults ate in silence for about two minutes then Leliana had an epiphany. She gasped and said, “JAYDA! You’re perfect! I’ve been considering beginning an exercise regimen as I’ve put on a few pounds after the children. I used to run all the time while we were dating, but…you know.”

“Yes girl! I know! Those babies and married life will make you change your priorities. You don’t want to workout with your husband?”

Leliana looked over at Devan who was trying to act like he didn’t know what they were talking about. “Well, Jayda, I would love to workout with my husband, but he shows no interest in physical fitness.”

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“Devan,” Jayda shouted. “You don’t workout?”

“I workout,” he said with disdain.

The two women looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“Me and Leliana workout all the time!”

“HA,” Jayda laughed. “I know that’s right! You two are too much! But for real…you should do more cardio than just—

“You are so right about that, Jayda. After all, you are the expert here. I think I could use more cardio in my life too. Ain’t that right, beautiful?” He winked at his wife.

“Ooooh, Devan you’re bad!”

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