If We Build It

A few days went by, and Leliana was scouring the Internet for the perfect piece of real estate for their business. Luckily, Newcrest was a growing community on the rise to greatness, and there were plenty of empty lots just waiting on the right opportunity to come along and grab them. The next weekend, she took them all to see the one that spoke to her the most.

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It was a beautiful lot, right in the center of a row of empty lots and adjacent to a cozy looking picnic area. She didn’t want to pick the lot directly in front of it for fear of noise pollution disturbing the inspiration that would take place inside her doors. However, the proximity might be nice for customers. Devan looked around skeptically wondering if the investment was really going to be worth the costs. If they were going to do this, he wanted to own the business outright with no loans.

“I know what you are going to say,” she said. “It’s too expensive, and there is nothing else around, but please hear me…”

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“In a growing community such as this one, prudent business owners must take part in what’s called a ‘land grab.’ We have to stake our claim here before anyone else so we can become pillars of community…”

Devan was looking at her like she was from another planet, so she abandoned her “appeal to his good nature pitch” and went straight for the financial pitch.

“As far as the costs go, these lots are the best priced lots for the area. This street is accessible to both the luxurious parts of town as well as the common areas, and we want to appeal to everyone.”

“You’ve certainly done your homework,” he said.

“Well, yes, of course. I intend to be a shrewd business owner…that is if my handsome man will let me…” She batted her eyes a few times for good measure just in case he needed extra convincing.

“Of course I’ll let you. It’ll be good for you to have something to put your energy into. Besides, with all the painting and photography we do, why shouldn’t we profit from it, right?”

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“And you know what else,” he continued. “I think I’d like to take my photography to another level. What if we had the art gallery downstairs, and upstairs I can have a studio and take pictures?”


“This was a brilliant idea, Leliana. A brilliant idea from a beautiful woman.”

He had been calling her beautiful since the day he first emailed her when they were teenagers, and each time tickled her as if it were the first.

“So…am I more beautiful, or brilliant,” she asked flirtatiously.

“Your brilliance makes you more beautiful than ever.”

“Is that so? Somehow I’m not convinced…”

“Come over here. I’ll convince you.”

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