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When I left my last destination, I didn’t go straight home. I needed a vacation from my… Well, I wouldn’t exactly call that a vacation. I wanted to spend some time alone before I got back home and got back to work. Gosh… I can’t believe I’ve been away from home for a year! It’s a bit scary coming back after all this time to be honest. I mean, yeah, it’s only my sisters but how have they got on without me? How have their lives changed? Has anything changed? Well, some things have changed I see. When I texted Jes2Gourmet to tell her I’d be home soon, she sent me a new address. Oh boy…

04-03-16_9_11_08 PM

Not bad not bad. Not nearly as grand as the other place which is perfectly fine by me. I assume it has her stamp of approval. Just curious to find out what prompted this move. True, we’re only in the next neighborhood over, but we’re actually in a completely different save world now. What about my friends? I hope they remembered them. Well…I guess one good thing is that I can bypass the map screen to get to work now. Nice move. Maybe the other things turned out ok too.

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Ok…let’s get this show on the road…

Remind me to talk to Gourmet about getting some curtains…
Remind me to talk to Gourmet about getting some curtains…
(sigh) They all WOULD be waiting up for me. So much for a quiet entrance.
(sigh) They all WOULD be waiting up for me. So much for a quiet entrance.

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“Welcome home, Jessica,” she said quietly. I appreciated that so much.

Seeing her, and the other two, I just felt so warm and at home. Forget the house and all the other details that are nagging my brain. This is where I truly belong. It’s been far too long. “It’s so good to be home.”

04-03-16_9_14_21 PM

“So uhhh…what’s this all about? Why are we here? What about my friends? Why didn’t you guys call me?”

04-03-16_9_14_35 PM

“Ok, I know I know. Slow down. Everything is fine. It’s late and there’s a lot to discuss, so how about we all go to your office tomorrow and talk…is that ok?”


It’s good to have people around who know how to manage me. I always have so much on my mind and so many concerns, when left to my own devices, I can get out of control sometimes. Not like crazy or even diva-ish, but more irrational I suppose. I should probably trust these three more. After all, we’re all modeled after the same person, right?

“You’re right,” I said. “I’m sorry. I’m barely in the door and haven’t even spoken to everyone yet. You’re right. I’m just…you know.”

“I do. I’m sorry too to spring all of this on you at once, but everything is fine. I promise!”

Speaking of divas, Jes2Gourmet is behaving quite well and saying all the right things. Jes2Gentle must have coached her.

“Hello, you two,” I said as I walked toward them. They looked so happy to see me.

04-03-16_9_16_28 PM

“So, Gentle, tell me the truth. Have these two been behaving well while I’ve been gone?”

04-03-16_9_18_09 PM

It was so good to hear her laugh again.

“Oh, Jessica. We’re all fine!”

“Are you sure? They didn’t strong-arm you into all these changes?”

I’m fine, Jessica. I promise. The changes are good…you’ll see.”

04-03-16_9_18_22 PM

“All right, all right…I believe you. Let’s sit. So… I see Geek and Gourmet have been hitting the gym?”

04-03-16_9_20_51 PM

“Kinda,” Jes2Geek said. “We went over to The Lodge one time to see what it’s like to be in boot camp. Needless to say, we’re never working out ever again…ever! What about you? You’re looking thinner too!”

04-03-16_9_21_08 PM

“I ummm…I caught a bug.”

They all gasped. “You were sick,” Jes2Gentle asked.

“Uhhh…you could say that…”

“So, what happened,” Jes2Gourmet asked.

“I don’t really know. I mean, I was fine, then one day I was a toothpick. But, I spent some time in Windenburg before coming back and put some pounds back where they belong. Speaking of Windenburg, I haven’t cooked anything for a long time. Who’s hungry?”

Whether they were hungry or not, we all got up and went to the kitchen. I’m generally not down with these open floor plan houses, but this is pretty cool I suppose. The sunken dining room is a really nice touch. I made chicken saltimbocca. I certainly neither had those skills before I left nor gained them while I was away. Why do I get the feeling that Jes2G has done more than just plastic surgery on our faces? Whatever. I’m not talking to her right now. Right now, I just want to enjoy a wonderful meal with the ones who care about me the most.

“One of us is more glad than the others that we get to have nice food now,” Jes2Gentle teased.

04-03-16_9_47_37 PM

“Shut up,” Jes2Geek said with her mouth full.

“So, Gourmet, I see you’ve added another accent color to your wardrobe. Explain.”

“Well… Red is an awesome color. So daring. It’s the perfect accent to go with my black and white wardrobe,” she said.


04-03-16_9_48_04 PM

“Yes, daring. And…we look good in it.”

“She got a new aspiration,” Jes2Geek said.

“Oh geez.”

I have one too, but that’s neither here nor there. What is here is this masterful meal that is calling my name right now.

04-03-16_9_48_46 PM
Speaking of perfection…
This needs to be on Instagram
This needs to be on Instagram…ok, Snapchat too…
#foodporn #delish #gourmetgoodies #backhome #chefisback #lovemylife #…
#foodporn #delish #gourmetgoodies #backhome #chefisback #lovemylife #…

“Enough with the hashtags already!”

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