Joneses – 1.4 Changes

India arrived at the Narwahl Arms early on Thursday night. She was very excited for Jade to see her new look and hoped she approved. Just like last time, she saw the Partihaus crew marching around the corner as if there was a silent beat that ordered their steps. The last time, she wasn’t one of them. Now that she was, she felt even more anxious and excited. India couldn’t help but straighten her dress and fix herself as she prepared herself for their arrival. Just like last time, Jade looked at her and almost kept walking because she didn’t recognize her. She gave her a small, pleasant smile and walked away before she did a double take.


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India’s grin grew wider. “It’s me! How do I look?”

“Is that the same girl from the other day?” Marcus whispered to Paolo.

“Who cares,” Eva replied with a scowl on her face.

“You look…ummm…you look good,” Jade said. “More like a soccer mom, but much improved from last time.”

India was slightly embarrassed, but she took it well. She knew she wasn’t the most fashion forward woman, but she was trying. The rest of the crew left them and went inside to warm up the dance floor.

“Thanks. I haven’t had a chance to go shopping yet. I’ll do better,” India said.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just go, aight?”

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Despite what Jade said, India was determined to prove to her that she could be down with the rest of them. It may take some time, but she would get there. They joined the rest of their crew inside, and India stood by and watched them. They warmed up with a group move they called 1-2 Steppin’. India was exhilarated. She couldn’t wait to be out there with them moving and grooving to whatever beats the DJ dropped. After a dance battle between the ladies, the floor was reopened to everyone, and India took her place on the sidelines.

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She rocked and rolled (her ankle…almost) and waved her hands in the air like she didn’t care. She swayed and moved her hips the best she knew how. She didn’t know this, but she was in Paolo’s line of sight the entire night, and he thought he liked what he saw.

“Hey baby,” he said to India.

She looked around and saw that Jade was near and figured he was talking to her.

“Yeah, I’m talking to you,” he said.


“Yeah, you, baby. So, what’s up?”

01-17-16_3_16_18 PM

She wasn’t quite used to their street lingo yet and was unsure of how to answer him. “What’s up? Ummm…heh…I don’t really know.”

Paolo laughed and shook his head at her. “You gotta get out the suburbs more often.”

“Yeah. Heh, I guess.” He made her nervous and she didn’t know why. She was never that girl who hung out with the cool kids. Even as an adult she never had any cool friends. That was why hanging with the Partihaus crew was so exciting. It was like a dream from which she never wanted to awake. She knew it was going to take time to get used to their ways, the environment, and even to make friends with them, but it was a wait she was more than willing to endure.

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