Joneses – 1.5 Playmates

Saturday afternoon, Tim Jones knocked on the Cornelius’ door looking for someone to play chess with Lester. However, Lester, however was not exactly prepared to be receiving visitors yet. He let Tim knock a few times before he angrily jumped out of bed and stormed toward the front door. He flung the door open and began yelling at poor Tim.

“DUDE! Do you know what time it is??”

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Tim looked over Lester’s disheveled appearance and was confused. “Uhhh…you’re wearing pajamas…”

“I was asleep!

“But…it’s 1:00 in the afternoon…” Tim furled his eyebrows and thought that Lester was strange.

Lester often slept in on the weekend, but he was unaware he slept so long. “Ok…but, still. What do you want anyway?”

“My mom said I should come over. Do you wanna play?”

Lester took a step back as if to defend himself. “Play what?”


“Oh,” Lester said in a less offended tone. “Uhh, yeah. Let me get dressed.”

Tim made himself comfortable on the porch while Lester went inside and got himself together. When he was dressed, they walked to the side of the house and sat down at the chess table.

“So what’s your name anyway,” Lester asked.


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“I’m Lester.”

“So…tell me about the girls at school.”

Lester was surprised. “Cut to the chase, huh? I don’t mind that at all. The only girl that matters at that school is Shea Aldrich, and she belongs to me.

01-17-16_4_26_02 PM

“Oh,” Tim said. Honestly, he was a bit shocked. “She’s your girlfriend?”

“Well, no, but…it’s only a matter of time!”

The boys played for a bit in silence then Tim had another question. “Anything fun to do in this town?”

“Nah. Well, no real fun. There’s only clubs, lounges, and museums.”

“Booooriiiiiing,” they said at the same time and shared a hearty laugh.

After a handful of turns of chess, Lester looked at the board and said, “Well, I can see chess club wasn’t part of your extracurricular activities. I’m going to annihilate you in a few turns.”

I want my mommy…
I want my mommy…


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