Joneses – 10.2 Playing Catch Up

Eliza had been distracted for a long time with sniffing out the Jones’s dirty laundry. When she first joined the force, she climbed through the ranks very quickly. She thought she’d be the chief in no time. But, then the Joneses moved in. And then she had a child. Her progress had slowed down tremendously, and she only had herself to blame. The curiosity she had about Mary and the Jones family had not dissipated, but she had bigger fish to fry. She was only two cases away from her next promotion and began to work feverishly to solve them within the week. As for her strange attraction to the mysteries of the Jones family, she would have to find other means to get information on her own time.

Someone’s excited about getting promoted!

Out of the blue, Eliza began to feel dizzy. She tried to work through it as she had no time to waste. However the illness did not respect what she was trying to do and was set on bringing her down. Eliza wasn’t going down without a fight and announced she was going to take a short break. She hoped some hot tea would help and went upstairs to the break room. Her arch nemesis, however, never missed an opportunity to hurl insults.

“What’s the matter, Pancakes? Finally decided to pull your head out the chief’s butt? Not used to the fresh air?”

Do not engage, Eliza. Do not engage.
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