Joneses – 11.7 Keeping Up With the Joneses…and Pancakeses

Asia was never one to keep up appearances like the other neighbors. She was a simple woman from humble beginnings with simple tastes. It wasn’t until she married Jared and moved into the Pruett Estate that she began to learn about style and glamor. Still, grandeur was not her thing. When they moved out and bought their current house, she maintained the grand style because she thought it was best. It’s what Jared grew up with, and she wanted him to feel comfortable in his new home seeing as how it was the first time he had ever lived anywhere else. However, as time passed and their family grew and created its own identity, she felt like the style didn’t fit anymore. But, she didn’t have any ideas for how to make it their own. At least, not until she visited the Pancakes house. The twins’ rooms were so bright, vibrant, and…so modern. If their classically glamorous home could rock such a contemporary style, the Pruett house definitely could…and probably even better.

She was so excited when she awoke that morning, she could barely contain herself. Surely the family assumed she was simply happy to be among them–and that was true–but she was looking forward to them all disappearing so she could get to work.

“How does it feel to be a teenager?”
“Feels great, dad.”
“Have a great day, honey! Be safe up there.”

Finally, they were gone. Well, most of them. Kaiden got a free day, and he spent it in the basement trying to catch up with his dad.

The first thing Asia did was finish her bar. She added some counters, a sink, a refrigerator, and some shelves for all her bottles. And, she painted the entire room to fit her color scheme. The boys are going to love it.

The fridge is in the alcove behind the stairs.

Next, she moved to the dining room. She always thought it was so stuffy and too traditional. Giving it a modern overhaul was the highlight of her day.

Next, she updated the living room and the entryway. Much like the dining room, she thought the living room was also stuffy and traditional. She made it over into a fresh, contemporary, comfortable space.

Keeping their expenses in mind, she’s not done yet and doesn’t want to go overboard. Maybe next time we’re in this house, it’ll be complete!

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