Joneses – 12.4 But Why?

At breakfast, an argument broke out just before it was time for Phoenix to go to school. That afternoon, when she arrived home from school, Phoenix decided to continue said argument. Mary was at the mailbox when she was attacked by the question.

“WHY can’t I invite Kaiden to my birthday party?”

Oh Watcher…please not here on the sidewalk!

She tried to coax her inside. “Let’s talk about it inside. I made cookies!”

“Tim and Susie got to have a big party and invite whoever they wanted! Why can’t I?”

“Darling, that was a big birthday! And, it was kind of a going away party too, remember?”

“But why can’t I invite Kaiden?”

“Phoenix…I’m not sure Kaiden would want to come. Don’t you think he’s…well, you’re…it’s just not a good idea.”


Mary did not think she would ever get used to her quick temper. After all of this time, she was still clueless how to handle it.

She plastered The Mary™ on her face and tried yet another approach. “Oh darling, wouldn’t be wonderful to have a family night with just your father and Tim and Susie? Wouldn’t you like that?” She held the smile and hoped Phoenix would take the bait.

Phoenix held onto her hunched stance and clenched fists and blinked at Mary for what felt like an eternity. “I still want Kaiden!” She stomped away into the house. “Those cookies better be chocolate chip,” she yelled over her shoulder.

Mary breathed a sigh of relief and hoped this was not a foreshadow of what the teen weeks were going to be like.

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