Joneses: 13.1 The Most Interesting Mom in the World

She’s so smooth, she can set her husband’s heart ablaze simply by doing…well, anything!

“Nap time for you.”
“Did I tell you how pretty you are today?”

Runaway toddlers stop in their tracks when they know she’s on their tail.

All she has to do is think she’s tired, and her brain automatically gives her a second wind.

When she thinks she needs it, help is already on the way.

“Oh! Have you come to help?”
“Wouldn’t you love it if your sister paid more attention to you?”

Sassy teens cannot get to this woman. She is unflappable.

“The OTHER one is screaming!”

She is every husband’s dream and every wife’s nightmare. Who is this super sim? She is Captain Eliza Pancakes…and don’t you forget it.

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Joneses - 13.2 Welcome Back

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