Joneses – 13.4 Just Another Day

4:37 a.m.

*pitter patter*
“What’s wrong?”
“I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong…”
[unintelligible words]
“You had a bad dream? Tell daddy what’s wrong.”
*stifled laughter*

“Mom? Did you always want to catch bad people?”
“Lizzie? Are you ok?”

“Use your words…”
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15 thoughts on “Joneses – 13.4 Just Another Day”

  • Hahaha! It’s so adorable when toddlers wake up in the middle of the night and go wake up the nearest person by crying. You mean all I need to do is feed you to make your nightmares go away? If only it was so easy in real life!

    • Man…that was a rough night lol. The comforted them, hugged them, but they were just not happy. I had them “check toddler,” and they wanted food. *unamused face* I couldn’t believe they BOTH woke up at the same time!

      • Some tricks that I’ve learned that can come in handy:

        Stop them before they enter the parents’ bedroom with their crying. Then I drag some leftovers out the fridge and onto the floor of their room and let them help themselves.

        If they aren’t hungry I’ll direct them to listen to music or play with a toy until their sad moodlet goes away and then I direct them to go back to sleep.

  • This was funny and sweet and a couple of other things too. Eliza looks soooo frazzled. She has reached a point where she doesn’t even seem interested in getting dressed for the day. Bob looks like he’s trying to help. Breanne is just… lol I don’t know what she is yet.

    When is the twins’ birthday? Can it be tomorrow? LOL

    • I don’t think she has time to get dressed for the day lol. Bob is sweet and does as much as he can especially because he can’t be there during “peak time.” He gets home so late, he probably shouldn’t be up that early, but he can’t allow Eliza to handle them on her own. And yeah, Breanne…she’s Breanne! LOL Awww man, the twins are sooooooo young! This save is on long life, so that makes toddler days like 20 something days long. GAAAH! They may still be toddlers when we see them on the next go round lol

  • Sometimes it feels like there is not enough of the pie to go around lol … loving this … sorry that for whatever reason I cannot hit like on my phone a lot on your stories. Just know that I like them very much.

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