Joneses – 14.11 Bamboozled

“I heard you, were not on your best behavior last night, mister.”

“You’re not smiling your way out of this one. I’m very disappointed.”

“And you, Mr. Sweet Face. You were supposed to be responsible.”

“Me? He left Kolby in charge!”

Jared chimed in. “You sat there and let him trash the place.”

“You keep laughing down there, missy. I heard your behavior wasn’t so stellar either.”

“The food is so yummy mommy!”

“Flattery isn’t going to work either.”

“These omelets are quite phenomenal, babe.”

“Why thank you!” She turned back to Kaleb. “It only works for him.”

Later in the evening, Kaiden was working out with Jared when he got a phone call. It was Breanne.

“Meet me in the fashion district.”

She never greeted him or had any sort of small talk and always got straight to the point. He knew this about her but still managed to be caught off guard by it every time.

“What for?”

“Just meet me!”

She hung up before he could ask any more questions. He sighed and shook his head.

She really is crazy.

He showered and went to San Myshuno as requested. When he arrived and looked around, he was not pleased with his surroundings.

“The romance festival?”

Breanne smiled and pretended not to notice his displeasure with her agenda. “Let’s go over here, Kaiden. I hear they have really delicious tea…”

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