Joneses – 14.2 Ready for Love

“Good heavens, look at you,” Asia yelled as Kolby sat with his breakfast. “I can’t get over how tall and handsome you are!”


“So, how did it go last night? Did you see any lucky young ladies?”

“Nah.” He took a few bites of his breakfast. “I did play though. Everyone got up and danced. It was cool.”

“Oh how nice! You’re gonna be famous in no time. Trust me!”

Kolby chuckled. Fame wasn’t really what he was after, but if that’s where his music took him, so be it. “So…I decided I do want to move out.”

His mother’s smile faltered just a tiny bit. They had discussed it before, but it would probably be a while before she got used to the idea.

“I don’t mind sticking around and helping with the kids and stuff, but I kinda want my own space. And, I think I can get my name out there better if I lived in the city. And, I know you said you’d give me some money for a nice place, but I think you could use that money for something else.”

She laughed. “Kolby, you don’t have to keep selling me on it! We discussed it. If you want to go, go.”

Asia looked on lovingly at her son. He was like her in every way, and she wanted him to experience all the good things she had. Despite how enthusiastically she rooted for his love life, she didn’t want to rush him. She wanted him to experience deep love because it was so wonderful, but out of deep love comes marriage, and out of marriage comes children, and she wasn’t ready for the grandma life quite yet. She didn’t think he was ready for fatherhood either. But, he was ready for love and she wanted him to have it as much as he wanted it.

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