Joneses – 16.5 The Battle

Breanne fought ferociously for the prize she so flamboyantly flaunted in front of all the not-so-fair maidens in school. She won the battle. Why didn’t she feel victorious? Why was she still fighting? In the beginning, it was so easy. He was none the wiser like clay in her hands. But, like coming back to one’s senses after a few puffs on the bubble blower, Kaiden’s eyes were opening. He was still ignorant of her dirty deeds, but she felt his uncertainty and hesitation. On top of that, he was beginning to see what all the other girls saw and began dressing nicer and even got a cute haircut. While she appreciated the changes, they only made the fight harder than it needed to be.

Despite the seeds of doubt in both their minds, she remained hopeful for they were still best friends after all. Sometimes, she got so wrapped up in conversation, she forgot about the battle. She didn’t remember forcing him into this relationship. She didn’t even think about the other girls. She simply enjoyed being with the friend she had known her whole life. He was so sweet and so kind.

And, sometimes, when he looked at her, she knew everything would be fine. Maybe she didn’t need tricks. Maybe she had him all along.

Joneses - 16.4 Victory
Joneses - 16.6 Civil Servant

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