Joneses – 16.8 Never Again

Eliza was aloof during breakfast. It was her first official day as a Colonel, and she was beyond delighted. Sure, it would be natural for her to be all smiles and full of sunshine and rainbows…and she was. She couldn’t show it. This was where the rubber met the road. She had something prove and would not let anything stop her from accomplishing what she set out to do. Not this time.

She strutted into the office early to get a look at the case she would be overseeing. The idea of molding young minds appealed to her so much. Mentoring young cops felt like being able to create the task force she wanted to lead when she became Chief. It was oh so delicious.

On her first day back, however, she allowed herself a bit of fun. She was only supposed to oversee the case, but she couldn’t help but get involved. She studied the case board carefully, combed over the evidence and read the witness statements. Whenever she felt the rookies got it wrong, she changed things around on the board. They were going to have a brand new case by the time they arrived. Hopefully, they would remember to thank her when they nabbed the right criminal on the first try.

Staring at the case board, Eliza considered her history on the force. She had been through so much. Seen so much. And, she had let so much stand in the way of what she wanted. She had been given a second chance. Nothing and no one would stand in her way this time. Never again.

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