Joneses – 18.7 Salty

“Why are we even watching this?” Phoenix asked.

Kori shrugged. “This or zombies.”

“Puh! I think I’d rather have the zombies! I can’t believe they even made a movie based on that stupid app!”

“Right? I mean, only lames need an app to get dates!”


“See,” Phoenix yelled. “This is why you can’t let the Internet pick your date! He almost killed her!”

“And she went back to the app! She deserves whatever psycho she meets next.”

Phoenix did recognize the irony of mocking Simder users while she had never been asked out. But, she was still a teenager. Surely things would look up for her once she was old enough to stay out all night without her mother’s permission. Until then, love sucked, and so did this movie. Speaking of the movie, the main character finally found a guy who was a good match for her. Everything seemed to go well until a freak accident ended his life.

“HA! The perfect one died. That’s rich!”

“And she STILL went back on Simder! UGH! I can’t believe this woman! Give it a rest!”

Phoenix gasped. “His ghost came back? Booooo!”

“How much more cliché can this movie get?”

“Kori, would you marry your lover’s ghost if he died?”

She huffed. “No! That would be just…no!”

“Ha ha! I think you would,” Phoenix sang.

“Ugh! You’re so annoying.”

On the screen, the leading lady and the ghost got married. He laid a hot kiss on her lips, and the two teens were at a loss for words. Phoenix tried to pretend to be mad at the movie, but the fact remained that she was still single. Everyone saw her as just a friend and, frankly, it hurt.

“Wowzas! If his ghost kissed like THAT I’d marry him!”
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