Joneses – 19.8 Boys

Breanne headed back home shortly after the twins arrived from school. Between the rain letting up and seeing her sisters behave so well unattended, her spirit lifted. “I hope you girls are doing well in school.”

Lexi piped up and shared her good news. “I am doing quite well. My teacher gives me extra credit.”

“That’s great! What about you, Lily?”

She looked up from her homework and grinned. “I made a B.”

Breanne hoped she wouldn’t get comfortable there because Pancakes women always excelled academically. “That’s a decent start. You must do well so the boys notice. You want to make sure you get a smart one.”

Lily finished up her homework and excused herself while Lexi sat there looking a bit uncomfortable. “Boys?”

“Why, yes, boys! How do you expect to get married and continue the Pancakes legacy?”

“But…boys are icky.”

“Yeah,” Lily said from the stairs, “they smell too.”

Breanne giggled while remembering her boys are icky days. Well, hers were more like boys are dumb. Heh, she still felt like that in a way. “Oh, girls. You won’t always think so. I assure you.”

“Yes I will,” Lexi yelled. “Boys smell like cow plant breath!” Though the ferocity of her statement solidified her sincerity, it tickled her.

Breanne got a kick out of it too. Children were so innocent and joyful. Her own junior Pancakes were delayed for the moment, but being around her sisters planted seeds of hope. Thing may not have panned out how she wanted, but all was not lost. She simply needed to muster all the courage and faith she had left and begin again.

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