Joneses – 20.7 Double Trouble

Kaleb and Kori weren’t very twin-like, but when they were…oy. They had their own friends, hobbies, and personalities. They barely hung out together. But, when one went through something, the other did too. Lately, they were both in a mood. They moped around the house, were distant, sensitive, and snapped a lot. Jared and Asia may have been old pros at the parenting thing, but the twins through curves at them they had never seen.

Kori had been even more moody and distant than Kaleb was, and Jared feared he was being a terrible father again. Maybe it was time for another father-daughter date.

“Hey, baby girl. Everything all right?”

She glared at him. He knew he was in for it and braced himself.

“I’m fine,” she said through gritted teeth.

“You’re clearly not. You can tell me. Whatever it is.”

“UGH! I just want to be left alone! Stop nagging me!”

Maybe Asia should be on twin duty from now on. And, why did it have to be the blonde children who caused him the most stress? Maybe the curse of the Pruett blonde hair actually cursed them. The blizzard that began a few days ago was still waging war on Willow Creek. He thought it may have been crazy to go on a space mission that day, but maybe it wasn’t a bad idea after all. Fighting against rouge alien factions with heavy duty fire power was far more predictable than dealing with moody teens.

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