Joneses – 3.7 The Drink

Ever since Asia was a teenager, she wanted to be a mixologist. It’s not that she wanted to get people juiced up and watch them make fools of themselves. It was the social aspect. Drinking seemed to bring people together. Sometimes, it was the only way two strangers would ever gain the courage to speak to each other. Friends and associates got together after work and on weekends to get drinks. It seemed that drinking was what made the adult world go ’round in Asia’s teenage eyes. Besides, how cool would she look tossing those bottles in the air like a juggler at the circus? However silly or shallow her reason, it was what she wanted to do, and she was doing it.

Jared and Asia worked opposing schedules. His days began very early in the morning and ended late afternoon while her days began in the afternoon and ended late at night. However, they never let their absence from each other affect their relationship. They were a creative couple and always found ways to spend time together. At the beginning of their marriage, Jared spent a lot of time working out as he prepared for his physical examinations for his astronaut training. He would workout for hours, so Asia began working out with him. They weren’t strangers to creativity and making do with what they had, so their physical estrangement was no biggie. Asia needed to practice making drinks anyway, so every afternoon she’d mix him a nice drink and leave it in the refrigerator for him. She knew his work was hard and long, and she wanted him to have something nice and refreshing when he got home. But it was also her way of saying, “I love you,” and “I appreciate you.” Jared recognized this and looked forward to the little gifts every day. One particular day, Asia had a day off. She very well could have not made him a drink, but she did anyway. She missed him so much and longed for the days when she wouldn’t have to be absent all the time. She took advantage of every opportunity they had, and this day was no different. She made an extra special drink, slipped it in the fridge, and made herself scarce. When he figured out what was up, she knew he would know where to find her.

*snort* What’s this fruity little pink drink?
*snort* What’s this fruity little pink drink? She even put an umbrella on it.
*sip* Mmmm…this is really good…
*sip* Mmmm…this is really good…
What in the world? What’s in this drink?
What in the world? What’s in this drink??
I feel…all tingly inside!
I feel…all tingly inside! What’s happening to me?
“Asia! What’s in this drink?”
“Asia! What’s in this drink?”
“Where you hiding, baby girl?”
“Where you hiding, baby girl?”
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