Joneses – 5.7 Decision Time

Saturday morning, around 11:00, Lester was just having breakfast and hadn’t gotten dressed yet. Just when he was about to sit down, Tim Jones knocked on the door.

Don’t these Joneses ever sleep in?
Don’t these Joneses ever sleep in?

“Hey,” Lester said and went back to the bar to eat. “So…your sister is a cheerleader now, huh?”

“Yeah. So?”

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So, that means all the guys are going to be after her now. Hope your Kung-fu skills are up to par.”

“EWWWW! She’s my sister!”

“You know that makes no sense, right?”

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When Lester had finished his meal, he got dressed, and the two boys went to Windenburg Arcade in Oasis Springs. Lester called it “the happiest place on earth.” The arcade had been so successful in Windenburg, the owner began to expand its reach. It had been quite some time since Tim had gone to an arcade and was completely overwhelmed as soon as he walked inside the door.

This is so cooooool!
This is so cooooool!

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They spent the entire rest of the afternoon taking turns beating the pants off each other. Meanwhile, that evening back at home, India was distracting herself with a plate of brownies.

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She still hadn’t given Matthias an answer. Deep down, she always knew what the answer would be. Why else would she hesitate that long? Perhaps because of the pain she knew she would cause him. He was the sweetest man she had ever known. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way! She thought about her adventure in the closet a couple of nights ago. On one hand, she wanted the freedom to be whomever she wanted to be and do whatever she wanted to do. Although Matthias had assured her of said freedom, deep down she knew it wouldn’t be right and would eventually be a problem. On the other hand, she wanted to accept just for the benefits. She would inherit a large sum of money and a beautiful estate. She could quit her crappy job if she wanted, and Lester could have all the things he wanted. But, what would that make her? Exactly what everyone thought she was anyway. She wasn’t that person and didn’t want there to be any suspicion that she was. But, she did love Matthias and wanted him to be happy. Perhaps she could give him that and deal with the consequences for a short while until he died. No. There was never going to be a short while. She would forever be known as the woman who married the old man for his money. I love him, but… In this case, love was not enough.

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