Joneses – 8.7 Asia to the Rescue Part I

Mary found herself on Asia’s doorstep very early on Friday morning. It was just after 8:30.

“I’m very sorry to disturb you so early.” She was mumbling and sounded so despondent. She brushed past Asia and wandered into the living room.



Asia allowed her to sit in silence for as long as she needed to; she was grateful.

Finally, she said, “I asked John to leave. I…I thought if I showed him how valuable I was, maybe one day he would get it and things would be fine. I thought there was hope for us. I thought I could make him love me, but the problem is he never did! So I asked him to go.”

“Good heavens!”


This was Mary’s show, and Asia wasn’t going to steal it and waited for some cues on what she should do or say next.



Mary’s eyes began to water. She was thinking about John’s words at breakfast the previous day. “Asia…what am I going to do? I’ve never worked a day in my life! I don’t even know how I would go about finding a job. What if I made a mistake?”


“You did the right thing, Mary. If he doesn’t love you, why stay married and be miserable for the rest of your life?”

“But I still have a child at home, and she’s already a handful. She’ll be two handfuls with no money.”

Asia thought about the situation for a few minutes. Her newest friend was going to be in dire straights soon. She had to help somehow. “I can help you, Mary. But… You’ll need to be willing to accept help from all of us. Can you do that?”

Mary narrowed her eyes at Asia.

“That’s the deal, Mary. You can be prideful, keep this a secret, and figure things out on your own, or, you can let me rally the neighbors so we can put our heads together and help you come up with a plan.”

Mary looked terrified.

“So… What’s it going to be?”




Author’s Note: Hi! I don’t think I’ve done a cliff hanger in this story yet, so…yay! lol Anyway, just a reminder, this will be the last chapter for a little while. I’m going to be purchasing City Life on launch day and playing the crap out of it so I can see what’s new and how I can incorporate the new elements into this story. When I get things figured out, I’ll come back with part II! I already know what that chapter will be; I just need to content for it. There is actually one more day in the Joneses week. I haven’t decided if I will play through and use it in a chapter yet or skip it. Either way, I have a little room to set things up for the next Jones rotation.

Also, I’ll be on vacation next week! WOOT! I don’t intend on spending much time online, therefore I will not have any chapters scheduled for that week. To those who are caught up, I’m sorry? 🙂 Everyone else, this is a perfect week to get caught up! Enjoy the break, and I’ll see you in a bit. If you’re a member of the forums, stop by my thread and say hello! I’d love to hear your thoughts and speculations on this story (and all my other ones too lol).

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