Joneses – 9.2 What Comes Next?

It had been a while since the Avant Guards had gotten together. The last time, most of them were still high school students, but now they were all free young adults. Well, most of them were. Gunther’s life had changed dramatically since the last meeting. Lester was feeling bored and wanted to get out of the house one night, so he called everyone. First, they spent a few hours whipping Old Man Gunther into shape on the video game console.

“Does no one play Duck Hunt anymore?”

Yuki was sitting at the desk reading while also hearing some of the unintelligible trash talk that was going on. She admonished them not to spend the bulk of their time together gaming while forgetting they’re supposed to read and discuss books together too.

After Gunther had enough crashing and burning, he suggested they wrap up their time together soon because he needed to get home. So, the quartet moved to the cafe and sat around a table with some coffee.

“So,” Lester said, “what are we all doing with our lives now that school is over?”

“I have not found a job yet,” Yuki said, “so in the meantime, I am keeping my mind sharp by reading. I’m also trying to learn how to DJ like my sister, but it’s been hard since she left.”

“Where did she go?” Hugo asked.

“Well… She’s actually been married for a while, but she and her husband never moved in together.”

Gunther took a sip of his coffee. “Mmmm. Sounds most familiar!”

Lester was perplexed. He was also ignorant of Gunther’s living situation. “Dude! Why would you marry someone and not live with them? That’s like…doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being married?”

“Well, she wanted him to move in with us, but he wanted her to live with him because his roommates couldn’t afford the bills without him. But my sister didn’t want to leave me in the house by myself while I was in school, and it didn’t seem right to sell our parent’s house and move me in with strangers. So, when I graduated, she moved in with him.”

“Pardon my prying, but how is it that you, an unemployed person, can afford to live on your own?” Gunther asked.

“My parents left us money. I’m living on that.”

There was an awkward silence after her most interesting news. Luckily, Hugo shared his news and broke the silence. “I don’t have a job either, but I got married.”

Lester was overcome with laughter. “Somebody married you?” He was doubled over and could barely catch his breath. “Dude! If you can get married, I know there is someone out there for me!” He continued through fits of laughter.

“My good man,” Gunther said. “Do not scoff at your friend’s good fortune, but rejoice with him so you may share in his happiness. There is someone for everyone. Even us, as you so eloquently stated once, ‘band of misfits.’

“You, my young friend, have entered into the realm of the unknown; the great expanse of darkness. Young adult life comes with many uncertainties and mysteries. I have experienced many unexplainable things in my short life thus far. Most find it unthinkable that the love of the most fair maiden would befall me, furthermore to wed her and bear children with her. Most unthinkable. So, young fellow, do not doubt the possibilities. Believe, for you may one day find yourself the recipient of one of life’s great mysteries.”

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