Julian Takes On The Boss

Julian was lounging around, sipping milk, and minding his own business when Callie sashayed in to make a request.

04-10-15_7-20 PM

“Oh Juuuuliaaaan,” she sang.

He ignored her.

04-10-15_7-19 PM

“Juuuliaaaaaaan,” she repeated.

“Yes, madame?”

She hopped up on the barstool next to him and proceeded to make her request.

“I want to go outside and play horseshoes. But I saw a bug outside the window…”

04-10-15_7-21 PM

“What kind of bug?”

“It was big and ugly and hairy and it looked like this!

04-10-15_7-21 PM-2

“With your talents and speed, I think you should go kill it for me!”

04-10-15_7-21 PM-3

04-10-15_7-22 PM

Julian would do anything for his sister, but…she was his little sister; And, big brothers have certain rights, and every now and then big brothers need to behave as big brothers often do.

“Sure! I could kill it for you! But, if it’s as big and hairy and ugly as you say, then it might get a little messy.”


“Yeah! If I step on it, all the bug juice will fly out and spatter allllllll over the cabin! It’ll take days to clean.”


04-10-15_7-22 PM-4

[insert Julian’s evil laughter]

04-10-15_7-23 PM

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