Juliana – Chapter 126 Caution to the Wind

Time in Willow Creek: 2 years, 4 months, 3 days

“Jase? Why are you doing that?”

Her voice was like the sound of sizzling bacon on a lazy Saturday morning. It excited him and came with so many vivid memories. He loved its sweet tone, cadence, and even that heavy southern drawl. It was such a silly thing to love. Maybe it was just all his pinned up feelings talking.

“Do I need a reason?”

She sighed. “No, but–”

“I’m not a guest you know.” He chuckled. “I pretty much live here.”

Her smile radiated on his back. It was so warm. “I know…but still! You don’t have to–”

He turned around and grinned. “I know. I’m almost finished anyway.”

What a metamorphosis. Back in the day, he used to watch Harriett rush around the house, cleaning, cooking, washing, polishing while he and Hillary sat on their duffs watching TV or whatever. She never offered to help. He often wondered if she cared. But now, she was just like her, doing everything and caring for everyone. Had she always been that way? Or, did she make a conscious decision to become her mother? She had probably always been that way because, every now and then, he saw glimpses of it. It was the reason he had always been so sure about her and waited so long for her to realize her own potential.

She handed him a towel to dry his hands when he turned around.


Her eyes, bright like an Oasis Springs morning, sparkled when she smiled. There was nothing about her he didn’t want. Everything about her–even the parts she hated–he loved and couldn’t apologize for it.

“Dinner was great.”

Back in the day, he had a private joke. He never bothered getting into fitness because when he and Hillary wed, he would lose 100 pounds because neither of them cooked. If that day were to come, perhaps he’d gain 100 now.

“Thank you.”

So many thoughts swirled in his mind every time he entered her presence. And, don’t even mention the feels. He had all of them and would be too embarrassed to tell her about most of them. But, what if he told her how he felt? Not the embarrassing, lustful ones, but the ones that mattered. After all, it had been almost a year. What was he waiting on? Surely more than enough time had passed for him to get whatever he needed from her. Keeping everything inside probably wasn’t fair to her anyway. Didn’t she deserve to know where he stood? Did he even know? But, what could he say? What would she want to hear outside of a declaration of love? Praise. Encouragement. The things she lacked the most.

“You, uhhh…you’re doing a great job, Hill.”

“And…” His eyes darted to the floor. If he gazed into those misty, gray pearls another second, he’d grab her by the waist and kiss her so hard her knees would buckle under the weight of his love. “I see you.”

She wiped a few tears.

Telling her he saw her without looking at her seemed disingenuous and wimpy. He pulled in a deep breath and faced the shimmering pearls again. “You’ve grown so much. People probably say that a lot, but…I see it too. I thought you should know that.”

Gosh, she was so beautiful! There was no way they could keep doing this. Something needed to give or they’d spontaneously combust! She was nearly there with her flushed cheeks and parting lips. Those lips. Oh, how he longed to taste them again. He salivated at the memory. She was so close. Did he erase the distance between them, or did she? Stepping away would surely send the wrong message. This wasn’t in his plan, but he had to do it. They weren’t getting out of that rut any other way. He reached for her desperate face and rubbed her bottom lip with his thumb. Her breaths quickened at his touch. She wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. He leaned in, and someone gasped.

“I-I’m sorry…”

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30 thoughts on “Juliana – Chapter 126 Caution to the Wind”

  • Your are evil! .

    Dang Juliana! Your timing is terrible….but I think the message was still there, loud and clear. I hope so anyway. Hillary really is very pretty. And Jace is handsome too. They make a really good couple. I loved the picture of Jace on the floor with the baby…so sweet! ❤️ So this was simply a family dinner? It’s so nice to see them all come together. And even Harold seemed to be enjoying himself.

    • 😀 Evil? Why, I don’t know what you mean! 0-:-)

      Juliana probably thought of it later, but she got payback for Hillary ruining her first kiss in a similar way LOL. But yes, this was a Sunday dinner. They’ve been doing them consistently since the first one. Hillary is very serious about them! She knows Harold is at his best around the family, and she doesn’t want them to be fractured anymore.

  • OMG Jes!!!!!!

    Do you know how much I love and admire you and your timing…but the lustful part of me that wants these two together again is SOOO mad at you!!!! :angry bomb blowing up emoji here:

    All the beautiful screenshots just showing the family happy and together again. Juliana and Kevin home again.

    This part: “What would she want to hear outside of a declaration of love? Praise. Encouragement. The things she lacked the most.”

    Jase really DOES know her. He knows what she really needs. And while yes – she would enjoy the romantic (and yes lustful side too) what she really needs to hear is that people notice how far she’s come.

    Now Juliana…I guess turn about is fair play when Hillary so RUDELY interrupted your kiss with Kevin hahahaaa…

    • HA HA!! 😀 #sorrynotsorry

      And yes, Juliana and Hillary are even now even though Juliana didn’t do it on purpose lol.

      Jase does know Hillary! He’s been observing her their whole lives, and he’s got a good handle on what she needs most.

  • The payback for Juliana and Kevin’s first kiss wasn’t lost on me and I giggled.
    Goodness, the way you write Jase makes him almost too good for any woman. 😀

  • Damn Juliana, gotta work on that timing, girl! LOL. These two need to throw caution to the wind more often. Turn off you brain Jase! You think too much.

  • “Her voice was like the sound of sizzling bacon on a lazy Saturday morning.” Gah! That line is so super good!!! The whole chapter is, but girl, that line is just perfection.

    Juliana…. what are you doing? LOLOLOL

  • You’re not a real sibling until you get in the way of your sibling’s kiss. Whether totally shiptastic like Hillary and Jase or not.

  • Ahhhhhh I was totally into this and then Juliana had to ruin it 🙁 Girl, keep your gasps to yourself plz. Haha I’m hoping they can pick up where they left off later though 😉

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