Juliana – Chapter 49 Lucky

Time in Willow Creek: 11 months, 4 weeks, 2 days

“So, let me get this straight. You think Kevin is gorgeous, funny, kind, supportive, smart, patient, listens well, and smells nice, you like him, but you’re just friends?”

Juliana nodded.

“How in the world does that even work?”

Their friendship was a huge mystery to her. It didn’t seem possible for two people who are clearly into each other to not be into each other. In theory, she thought the idea sounded nice but would never be able to maintain her sanity in that situation. Juliana had told her of their platonic friendship many times, but it simply did not compute. In light of the conversation she and Kevin had on their date, Juliana decided to set the record straight once and for all and lay out the cards as best as she could. “Kevin like being friends with me. And I…” She thought of how to word her thoughts. If Hillary didn’t understand by now, she would never get it. Juliana simply didn’t have the words she needed and took another approach. The words to express the core of her feelings were very simple. She used them and hoped for the best. “I am not ready for marriage.”

Hillary looked askance. “Marriage? What does marriage have to do with this?”

Juliana sighed and took it slow. “When you…how to say…when you, ehhh, are of age?” Hillary nodded. “When you are of age, and you find a man you can love, you get married, no?”

Hillary didn’t mean to, but laughter erupted from her lips. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I promise I’m not laughing at you. I promise!” She calmed herself. “It don’t work that way here! At least not anymore. Back in my mama’s day, yeah, but…” She suddenly realized what Juliana meant. A light bulb went off, and she thought she would fix her problem and save their relationship from whatever doom she thought they were headed toward. “Juliana! You don’t have to marry Kevin right away! As a matter of fact, you don’t have to marry him at all if you don’t want to.”

This concept was puzzling to Juliana but slightly intriguing too.

“Look…if you want to be with Kevin, do it! If you don’t want to get married, don’t! There’s nothing wrong with dating for a long time if you need to figure things out. You’re young! You don’t need to be focusing on marriage right now. Just…have fun! Maybe even date other people if you’re not sure about Kevin. It’s ok! But whatever you do, do something! You’re so lucky and you don’t even know it. It’s so rare to find a man who will move Heaven and earth for you the way he does. He seriously loves you. I don’t care what y’all call whatever it is you’re doing! Kevin loves you!”

Juliana hung her head. “No. He say we are friends. No more.” She tried to sound convincing more for herself. Between the things she noticed herself and Hillary’s unwavering conviction, it was hard to continue believing he only saw her as a friend. However, she maintained the commitment they made: no more allowing others to influence how they feel about each other. She put it out of her mind, but it was hard.

“Well y’all need to figure it out! If you can’t recognize what you have, someone else will, and she’ll be a lot more convincing than you.”

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18 thoughts on “Juliana – Chapter 49 Lucky”

  • Hmmm. Hillary seems to be maturing and she is right about moving past friendship, although Hillary isn’t a good example of how to date. Dating doesn’t have to mean sex but I think that is what Hillary thinks and by extension what Julianna thinks. I hope she and Kevin find their way to each other. Going slow has been good for both of them. Do they have a ship name? Juvin? Or Kelianna?

    • Their ship name is Keviana! 😀 You’re right…Hillary is definitely not the right person to be advising Juliana lol. You’ll see soon (maybe next week) a little bit about what Juliana thinks of said advice.

  • Oh, Hillary, you should put your life together first before giving relationship advice to Juliana. She may be old-fashioned, but she most likely won’t make the same mistakes you did.
    Well, at least Juliana has something to think about.

  • I love this conversation. Not because I think Juliana should or will rush to take Hillary’s advice. What I think is this will peel back another layer of the paper mache fortress Juliana has built around her feelings for Kevin. She’ll listen, and keep the part that makes sense for her.

  • While I’m not sure Hillary is the best person to be giving advice, I think Juliana knows how to sift things through and mill over it until she figures out what works for her.

  • Actually, I’ve never really seen the point of dating unless you’re sure you could live with said person everyday for the rest of your life. Aka, don’t date unless you think you could marry.

    *snorts* I say that like I know anything about these things.


  • I think in general that dating and going out with people is fine though I think it’s likely to lead to one person caring more and wanting to take next steps.

    When you know you know. I think they know, but need a bit more time for Juliana to not feel the pressure of marriage and have some life of her own and Kevin to become more comfortable with the differences in their ages.

  • I feel like Hillary can give really good advice sometimes… yet she is such a hypocrite and doesn’t follow some of her own advice This girl… *sigh*

    I always like it when we get a glimpse of some of the cultural differences Juliana struggles with 🙂

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