Juliana is Coming!


Good evening, all you wonderful people out there!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve addressed you. I hope this post finds you well and in a prosperous position to put…ahem…sorry. Clearly I’ve been listening to Hamilton Non-Stop…ok…I’m done now. 🙂

I have some incredible news! After more than a year, one of your most beloved stories will be returning! YES, Discovering Juliana is emerging from the pit! Again, I apologize for such a long hiatus. The time was not wasted, I assure you! I started and ended stories during that time, but I never stopped thinking about Juliana. I needed to step away and think about the characters, their stories, and what the point of it all was. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but I think the end result is magnificent. I hope you all think so too!

So, I have cooked up 26 new chapters for you! I finished the last one this afternoon, and now I need to edit them all. I don’t anticipate that taking a long time, but I’m not going to rush. In the meantime, a lot of you haven’t read this story since last summer and probably want to get reacquainted with it. So, while I’m editing (and writing the other 164626 stories you love lol), I’m going to “host” a read-a-thon. It’ll be slow so those of you who like to read and think about what you’ve read don’t have to feel rushed…and I need the time lol. If you don’t like going slow, feel free to go ahead and read season 1 on your own; it’s only 13 chapters. However, for those of you who would be keen on the read-a-thon, I plan to do more than just point your attention to what you’ve already read. I’ll throw in some commentary and give you some clues for what you should pay attention to for season 2. Sound good? I hope so! Look for this to begin later on in the week!

Take care!

Read-a-thon: Chapter 1

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