Let’s Try This Again

The Holmeses had a rough first day with baby Aria, and they definitely needed a break. Devan convinced Leliana to go out just one night to get their sanity back. She was laden with a heavy dose of mommy guilt, but eventually she decided that it was needed.

“Are you ok,” he asked.

“Yes. I suppose.”

“You should be. You spent all afternoon investigating the day care with your anti-government secret knowledge going on,” he teased.

“I’m fine! I know we could use the break. She’s quite a handful.”

“Nah, she’s not that bad. We just have to get used to not being in control.”

“This is true. SO…when can we try for the next one?”

“Leliana! You’re kidding, right?”


“Is this what we’re going to talk about every time we sit down to spend time together? What is it with you and having all these children anyway?”

“I have the successful family aspiration! It is my duty to produce well-adjusted off-spring to carry on ruling the Wonder Kingdom when we’re gone!”

“Oh brother…”

The Best Mothers

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