Devan had a little bit of experience with babies under his belt from being a teenager when his little brother was born and a young adult when his little sisters were born. But, of course, he never had to actually take care of them. Aria wasn’t a high maintenance baby, but these two new parents struggled a bit with how to care for her. For example, when Devan discovered that she liked it when he sang to her, he tried singing to her all the time. Poor Devan. She doesn’t need to be entertained all the time, my dear. Sometimes, all she wants is a nice, clean, dry diaper.

“I do say, Aria, this is NOT proper behavior for a princess.”

“…I think we made a mistake when we named her Aria,” Devan lamented.

“Heh…yeah,” Leliana agreed. “That’s some set of pipes she has!” An idea suddenly popped into her head. “OOH! Maybe she will be a singer!”

“Oh, I bet she’ll have a wonderful voice,” he said.

“OR…maybe she’s just lonely! What if she just needs a brother or sister to keep her company?”

“You can’t be serious right now…

“…you’re serious,” Devan said, shaking his head. “You can’t possibly want another baby right now. Do you hear the screaming?”

“Of course! We can handle it. Children are a blessing! Once they get past the baby stage, it is smooth sailing.”

“Pfft, yeah, if they get good traits.”

“Bad traits provide plenty of teachable moments!”

“And stress! Leliana, please…can we just focus on one baby at a time?”

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