More Walls

“We have more walls…and lights!”

10-30-15_10_27_02 PM

“Yes,” Leliana said. “The interior walls provide both more space for more product, but also less open space for a more intimate experience. Art is all about the experience!”

Devan looked around and was impressed. He should not have expected anything less after experiencing how she made over the house. Even still, he managed to be very impressed…and proud.

Leliana went to the checkout counter and ran her fingers across the register with a huge smile on her face. “Oh, Devan! I’m so excited about this!”

10-30-15_10_37_23 PM

“You did good, beautiful. Really good!”

“AHHH! Thank you!”

10-30-15_10_41_20 PM

Playground Showdown

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