My Little Boy

04-11-15_11-45 AM

Look at my son…he’s so handsome! And so tall, and…grown! When did this happen? I mean…look at him…he’s making tea! Since when does he drink tea? He never drank tea before. Is this what the adult version of my little boy does?

04-11-15_11-46 AM

How is it that when I look at him, I still see my funny, innocent little boy? Oh my Watcher…where did the time go? When did he grow up?!

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I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Would he tell me? Are we still close? I wish I would have spent more time with him. I know I spent a lot of time with him, but…I don’t know. Just a few more hugs…a few more kisses…a few more I love yous. I miss my little boy! I wonder if he’s thinking about moving out and starting his own life. I don’t want him to leave! I want him to stay here forever! He’s still my baby!

04-11-15_11-46 AM-3

“Mama…is there something you want to ask me?”

Only a thousand questions!

“No,” she replied.

“I think you’re lying,” he sang.

“Ok…I’m lying.”

“What is it, mama?”

“How are you?”

04-11-15_11-48 AM

That was really lame, Alayna. Really lame!

“I’m good. Did I tell you I started out at level four at work?”

“No! That’s great, Dev! Congrats! All that computer time paid off, eh?”

PLUMNUGGETS! How come I didn’t know my own son is a big deal at his first job?! What kind of a mother am I?

“Yeah…and you thought I was just on there talking to girls…”

04-11-15_11-49 AM

“I know you were talking to girls!”

“Hey…I can’t help that you made a very cute son.

04-11-15_11-49 AM-2

“I mean, look at me…I am straight up adorable!”

04-11-15_11-49 AM-3

He IS right about that! We made a very handsome son! He’s a good boy. I’m sure he’s not being a jerk with the ladies…at least he better not be! I wonder if he and Roland ever had the talk. I think he’d make a fine husband one day. Do I see him with children? Can I see me with grandchildren? Will I be an old grandma? Will I like his wife? Can I let him go?! I don’t want to…but I have to…someday…soon….

“Don’t gas yourself up, Devan. It’s not attractive.”

04-11-15_11-50 AM-2

Mama is so funny. She’s so fun to mess with. I wonder if I should tell her I’m not doing whatever it is she thinks I’m doing. Nah…it’s fun to see her all worked up and junk. I wonder if she’s gonna make me leave now that I’m grown. I don’t want to leave…at least, not right now. I don’t think she’ll make me leave…not with all these extra kids around now. She could use my help. I’m really glad she’s not old yet. I’m not ready to be thinking about her dying. There’s so much left for us to talk about. So much advice I need. I still need her.

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