My Sims Life

I have been playing The Sims since the very beginning. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a Maxis fan since the original SimCity. I first played Sim City when I was 13 years old. It was 1995, and we had just gotten our first computer the previous Christmas. It was one of those huge, bulky, heavy, white, expensive Macintosh: the Performa 550! It was glorious. $1500 and 8 MB of RAM! The Mac version of SimCity was still in black and white, or at least that’s what we had.

That was when my love for life simulation games was sparked. Of the Maxis games, I’ve played a few of the SimsCitys, Sim Farm, and all of The Sims. When I wasn’t playing Maxis games, I found other simulation games like Caesar III. I’ve even recently considered purchasing the most recent Civilization since returning to a Mac a couple years ago–I still may do that.

Throughout my 15 years of playing The Sims, I had heard of several challenges like the legacy challenge, but I was never interested. I thought they were too hard and restrictive. Besides, after a few generations, I get bored with my families after they become “millionaires” and can do whatever they want. I have only ever made it to the fourth generation in one family, and as soon as that baby was born I was done. So, when The Sims 4 came out, I decided to look further into the rules and regulations of the legacy challenge. With the enhancements that Maxis made in this fourth gen series, I thought that this would be the perfect time to do the challenge. It sounded like it would be fun…and it is! Doing this challenge has TOTALLY revolutionized the way I play this game. I do not intend to do endless challenges for the rest of my life, but there are certain elements that I intend to adopt into my gameplay repertoire. Let’s hope I actually FINISH this first challenge!

Writing Pruett Family Legacy (and reading other stories) completely opened my mind to the endless possibilities of SimsLit. As my writing evolved during this challenge, I began to explore new ideas with the Pruetts. Those ideas sparked other ideas which birthed way too many ideas for new stories! I currently have more ideas than I have time, and it’s awesome. Frustrating, but awesome.