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These folks at the job didn’t know what hit them when they hired me. Oh yes. I am the best! It took them long enough to recognize it though. One more promotion down, two more to go until I can focus on my specialty: gaming! Let’s do this!

I went upstairs to relax a little before I got involved with my very energetic daughters, but Leliana was in there waiting for me. She was sitting in a chair, so I knew she had something on her mind. I sat across from her and let her talk. She said that she needed a new challenge. She had upgraded all the appliances, electronics, and plumbing in the house. The baby will age up in a couple days, so without a project to work on or a baby to care of, she wouldn’t have anything to do.

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I tensed up because I thought she was going to suggest that we have another baby. But, to my surprise, her request was far from anything related to her successful lineage aspiration.

“I’ve been thinking about taking on a job…”

Is that all she wanted? She didn’t need my permission to get a job. True, I kinda like being the sole bread winner. In a house full of women, it’s one item on a short list of things that make me feel manly.

“…but I don’t want just any job. I want to do something that speaks to who I am as a creative being, yet something that also utilizes my intellect…”

My wife. You would think she’s the one with the self-assured trait. I love this woman.

“…but at the same time, I want to do something we can do together!”

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I said, “But…I already have a job that I enjoy, beautiful. You want me to quit?”

“No! Of course not! I think we should go into business for ourselves. Let’s open a retail store!”

“A retail store?” Y’all shoulda seen my face. “That sounds like a loooooooot of work. How do you expect me to do both? And we have small children now.”

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“That’s the easy part and where the fun lies,” she said. “We’ll open an art gallery and sell our paintings and your photography! I’ll run the store and manage the day to day operations while you do what you usually do but also come in the store from time to time so people can associate your handsome face with the name on the merchandise.”

My wife. She really is a genius.

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