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Devan and Anthony’s birthdays must have occurred just before they arrived home from vacation. Devan got the self-assured trait–not that he needs help with confidence–and Anthony is a loner now, yet he wants to be a party animal. With all the points he got from completing his childhood wish, I got him the incredibly friendly reward. Hopefully that will help him be less tense when meeting new people.

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Sometimes, Devan and Anthony’s idea of “quality time” is just being in the same room together not interacting with each other. Devan is usually chatting up his pen pals, or gaming, while Anthony plays Blick Block on his phone. Anthony could always tell when Devan was chatting because of his random comments and outbursts of laughter.

“How do you find so many girls to talk to,” Anthony asked.

“Girls? What girls,” Devan asked, genuinely perplexed.

“Mama says you’re always talking to girls.”

“She would think that.”

“So…you’re not talking to girls?”

“I let her think that because it drives her crazy. I mean, sure…some of them are girls, but it’s not like that. Well…there is one that I may or may not be interested in, but I only had one email from her. It’s too soon to be thinking that way.”

“Is she cute?”

“She’s beautiful!”

“Can I see her?”


Anthony got up and looked over Devan’s shoulder at her picture.

“Wow. She is cute,” Anthony said while reading a little bit of her profile. “Leliana Frenlore? Where is she from? She sounds foreign.”

“She says she’s from Willow Creek! Maybe her parents are foreign.”

“What did she say to you?”

“She told me to tell you to mind your own business!”

“Oh! So it’s that kind of email, huh? I’m debating whether I should tell mama or not…”

“Why you always gotta be like that, Ant? Always threatening to get mama involved! Sheesh! Fine…read the email.”

“I thought you’d see things my way,” Anthony said devilishly.

Hey Handsome!

I’m kind of scared writing this email, so I hope you won’t laugh at me email. I’ve never really had a pen pal either, actually, I’ve never really had many friends. I have one, Belle Menteur, but that’s probably it. But, you’re friend #2 so congratulations and it’s amazing that we’re both around the same age. I wonder who’s older? What do I like to do? Well, since I am a-  I’m kind of all rounded with my skills, but I’m very good at playing the violin and logic mostly, followed by video games! Maybe I’ll send you some music through the post, or a painting. You’ll have to give me your address though, and I’ll give you mine. Hope you write back soon!

Leliana xox

“XOX? She said that on the first email? And she thinks you’re handsome? Oh, she must really like you,” Anthony said.

“I doubt that. It’s probably some girly thing she does.”

“Not sure about that,” Anthony said and went back to his seat. “What are you going to say to her?”

“Don’t know yet,” he said while reading the email again.

04-10-15_11-54 PM

She said I’m handsome!! And the xox…what does that mean? Just play it cool, Dev. Maybe she’ll say more in the next one.

Hello beautiful

No, I said that last time…

[delete] Hello gorgeous

Nah…don’t want her to think I’m all about her looks.

[delete]Hello maestro

Yeah! That’s perfect.

04-10-15_11-55 PM

Hello, maestro!

Sorry I’m just now responding to you. I got your email last week, but things have been pretty crazy here. First of all, we moved to a new house shortly after I got your message. Then we went on vacation in Granite Falls. Have you been? It’s really beautiful. You should definitely go if you haven’t. Oh…and then my birthday was yesterday! I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable writing to me now. But, if it does, I understand. Finally, I have two baby sisters who were also born yesterday! Our household has been ridiculous this week.

I would love to hear your music! I live at Parkshore. We have some musicians in my family too. My mom plays the piano and has written four songs. She also dabbles with the guitar and violin from time to time. She paints too! I love all things creative. I used to draw a lot when I was little, but computers are my love now. I want to know everything there is to know about them. I start my new job in the tech career in two days, and because I already know a lot, they started me at level four!

I don’t want to “talk” your ear off, so I’ll end here. I enjoyed hearing from you, Leliana–a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Take care!

– Devan

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Devan read over the message a few times before deciding it sounded ok and hit send.

Thank you to SummerFalls for providing Leliana’s email! You can view his story starring Leliana right here!

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