Pruett Anniversary: Catching Up


Here we are at the second anniversary of the end of Pruett Family Legacy still excited about the story and its characters! I love it. I have heard from a few of you that you want to know what the Pruetts have been up to since the story ended, so here is our two-year catch-up! I haven’t played this save consistently, so I’m not as far as you would imagine in two years.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen all of this, but I’ve put it together all in one documentary-style story. I had plans for another Pruett story in the future, so you’ll quickly notice how this catch-up mostly focuses on one Pruett. This post is very photo heavy, so for those of you who usually read this on mobile, you may want to consider reading on a computer. The pictures should load quickly as I’ve made changes to make my site faster, but the data may be a concern. Just thought you should know up front. Without further ado, I give you the Pruetts!!

When you last saw the Pruetts, they had four children. (hover pictures for names)

Adrian was the first to get married. His wife’s name is Helena. She was much younger than him and is currently still alive in the game.

Shortly after the wedding, they had a son named Dale.

Proud papa

Shortly after Dale was born, Maya and her longtime boyfriend, Rodney Andersen, decided to get married. He lived in a small house next door, and she moved in with him.

In Pruett-like fashion, they immediately had a child. His name was Jaxton. He was the last grandchild Skylathan had the pleasure to meet.

Instead of buying a bigger house, they decided to move back home. Although Victoria, Skyla, and Benjamin still lived there, there was plenty of room for the small family. (the latest version of that house is up on the gallery!) A while later, Maya and Rodney had another child: a daughter named Kyla. She was the first toddler I ever had. Victoria had aged up to a young adult by then and wasn’t ready to get a job, so she gladly took care of Kyla while her parents worked.

By this time, our very frustrated and lovelorn would-be heir, Benjamin, had finally found and married the love of his life. He had a rough time dating and thought he would never find anyone. His Adult birthday had come and gone, and there was still no one. He met a woman at a party long time ago; her name was Ashlee. They were friends, and they would see each other at parties from time to time but never stepped outside of the friend zone. Benjamin was so desperate to be in love, he decided to test the waters with Ashlee and was very excited to find how receptive she was. They got married, and shortly after Kyla’s birthday, they were pregnant. They had triplets! All girls!! I quickly aged them up and moved them out of the house LOL.


Don’t worry. We’ll see them again!

After Kyla aged up and began school, Victoria thought it was a good time to begin her own life. She got a job in the culinary career to follow in her father’s footsteps, and she also began meeting people and dating. Her first serious relationship was with a man named Zacharia Acuna, and she fell pretty hard for him.

Things got serious (and physical) very quickly. I think her infatuation with him on top of him being her first sexual partner clouded her judgment and made her attachment to him quite strong. He was not good for her at all.

Maya never said anything, but she knew about Victoria’s no-good boyfriend and wanted to give her time to see that the relationship was toxic before she stepped in.

Still, Victoria behaved as if everything was ok, cooking for the family and helping out with the children when she could.

But, over time she began to see how toxic the relationship was and thought she should try to meet more people. One night, she went out and struck up a conversation with an older man, but she didn’t know Zach was the DJ at the club that night. The man flirted with her, and he saw. No lie, Zach flipped out and stopped the music!

Victoria began rethinking her life beginning with an exit strategy from this relationship. Meanwhile, life went on!

Maya’s new look. She called it “hot mama.”

Victoria still didn’t know what to do about her relationship and began dating while she was still in a relationship with Zach. Actually, she dated three dudes at the same time! She was determined to quickly find someone who loved her before she broke it off with him.

Meanwhile, Benjamin’s triplets aged up!


While we’re on these girls, let’s pause to mention what’s happened with other family members. Adrian and Helena had a daughter named Annabeth. Mark Pruett, Juliette’s son, got married and had a son named Romeo. Juliana, Janessa’s daughter, had triplets with a bartender. Things were going well for a while, but they eventually ended their relationship. She eventually met and married the love of her life, Akira Kibo! I think it’s hilarious that in the alternate reality (the restaurant story) she also got involved with him via MCCC still. Owen’s family increased as well, but I did not keep up with them. Alayna’s family eventually died out. I didn’t have MCCC in generation 9, so the Holmes kids all died unmarried and childless while I was trying to finish the legacy. Devan was the only one, but of course he doesn’t live in that world anymore.

Back to the story!


Victoria continued dating her three men and loved how different the relationships were with them. She loved how they treated her and that they didn’t abuse her. Naturally, Zach continued reaching out to her while she was dating the other guys. Occasionally she would meet him somewhere just to keep the peace and so he wouldn’t get too suspicious.

Soon enough, it was time for birthdays! Kyla decided to have a slumber party and invited all the little cousins. Maya and Victoria were the chaperones. Maya loved having all those little girls in the house.

Proud mama

Throughout Victoria’s new dating life, she got closer to her suitors and could see herself building something with all of them in different ways. She wasn’t ready to make a decision on which man she would choose, but one thing she knew for sure was that there was zero future with her and Zach. One glorious afternoon, she gathered the courage to confront him and cut him loose.

Victoria shared the news with her sister who was overjoyed to hear. She was surprised to see how concerned Maya was about her relationship and didn’t realize she knew anything was wrong. That’s when she made the decision to do things differently this time. Clearly, she had blind spots. She decided, this time around, she would get the suitors around her family more so they can get to know them–especially the children. True, Jaxton was a young adult and Kyla was a teenager, but they were still young and innocent enough to give her unfiltered feedback.

At this point in the relationships, all three men knew they weren’t the only one she was seeing. After explaining how she got to that point and her reasons, they were surprisingly ok with her choice and hoped that she would choose them. Really, only two of them were in the running, but she didn’t want to give the third man up just in case. I thought I knew who she would pick, but she surprised me! After developing deeper relationships with the two runner-ups, she decided very quickly which one she wanted to be in an exclusive relationship with.

Naturally, Branden was very excited to be chosen and assured her that he would cherish every moment with her. Some of those moments were not so opportune, heh.

“Uhhh, Maya? Who is this half-naked man in our closet?”

Victoria couldn’t get enough of Branden Vasquez. He was so kind and sweet. Sometimes it angered her how much time she spent in that abusive relationship. Why didn’t get to meet Branden instead? Or even Franklin? Dwelling on the past wasn’t productive, however, so she focused on the future. She made another fairly quick decision.

What was the point of spending more time in a dating relationship when she had already chosen him? They had already been dating even though not exclusively. Besides, she was getting up in years and wanted to have a family of her own soon. Franklin Bingham was a great man. He cared for her a great deal and was kind, gentle, professional, well-spoken, and already successful career-wise. He would have made a wonderful father and husband and would have provided for them quite well. If she were interested in having a “trophy husband,” he would be it. But, for some reason, she didn’t connect with him like she did with Branden. They were so similar, but Branden made her feel things she never felt before. Maybe it was his Latin roots. Maybe he was more down to earth. Whatever the reason, she knew in an instant he was the one and did not want to wait.

“I’ve made a difficult decision, and…well…I think we should just be friends.”
(sigh) “Ok… If that is what you want.”
“I’m sorry.”

What she appreciated about breaking up with Franklin was that he meant everything he said about wishing her the best. His love for her was real, and he wanted her happiness. Her happiness did not lay with him, and he let her go no matter how painful it was. They really did remain friends. Every now and then he call and see how she was doing or invite her and Branden out somewhere. Eventually, he recovered, got back out there, found the right one for him and has a bunch of cute little kids now.

Victoria loved being Mrs. Vasquez. Her decision to marry him right away after only dating exclusively for a day or two agreed with her because they never stopped dating after the wedding ceremony.

Soon, Victoria got a job opportunity at a restaurant in Windenburg. It was hard to say goodbye to her family, but she looked forward to a brand new life with her husband.

Shortly after getting settled, Victoria realized their lives were about to change even more.

The timing was perfectly not perfect. Clearly, it was not the time to be taking off work from a brand new job, but there was nothing to be done about it. What was perfect was the fact that Branden was still unable to find a job! Back home, in Oasis Springs, he was trying to break into the science career without success. Though the lack of movement was not something to celebrate, the silver lining was him being able to be a stay-at-home dad. Being the family-loving man he was, he didn’t mind it one bit. As long as he had a chess table to keep himself sharp, he assured Victoria he would be fine without a job.

The news of the pregnancy spread like wildfire back home, and Maya planned a baby shower for her. Toward the end of the second trimester, her siblings got together and bought her a plane ticket back home.

The nieces and nephews were as excited about the news as their parents were.

It was great to see her family again. All her adult life, she was the family babysitter. She had been around kids since her late teens. As prepared as she should have been, she still found herself nervous about having her own child. She couldn’t send this one home at the end of the day. It was hers to keep, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready or not, but boy oh boy was she excited to finally have her own child.

When she returned home from the trip, Branden had some serious news to share with her.

“…I think you should sit down.”

While she was gone, a woman visited him and gave him life-changing news. It appeared that this baby he was having with his wife was not going to be his first child! Rachel Lewis was her name, and months ago, she was on a trip in Oasis Springs. She and Branden were at the same club and got to talking. This was before he knew Victoria was serious about him; he obviously didn’t take the news of being one of many as well as she thought. Anyway, they talked the first night and agreed to see each other again the next night. They got a wee bit drunk, and she invited him to her hotel room. He didn’t want to go because he liked Victoria a great deal and wanted to be loyal to her despite her not being loyal to him. But, Ms. Lewis was very convincing. She brought their toddler-aged daughter over to meet him when she found out he was now in Windenburg.

Victoria wanted to be angry, but she couldn’t. He wasn’t unfaithful to her because they weren’t together. She asked what he was going to do about the girl. He said she would stay with her mother and he would pay child support but he wanted to be in her life too. Victoria knew it was the right thing to do even though she was miffed about part of her paycheck going to some other woman for his mistake. But, they were married now…for better or worse.

In case you’re wondering, this was the work of MCCC on his FIRST day in the world! I just had to make up a nice little story to explain the presence of this girl you will be seeing from time to time. 🙂

The third trimester was rough…and kinda scary. Branden knew it was just the hormones, but he was nervous that she was angry with him about his daughter. He did everything he could to make her as comfortable as possible and assure her that she could trust him. Before D-day came, he suggested they explore more of Windenburg before being on house-arrest with an infant. He took her to The Bluffs to watch the sunset and reaffirm his love for her.

The next day, it was go time!

They had a baby girl named Reagan, and they were both so in love with her…and with each other.

Victoria was NOT happy to come home and find that her husband had their child’s birthday without her. Needless to say, Branden lost all daddying privileges for the night while Victoria kept her all to herself. He didn’t mind one bit.

From experience, however, she knew Reagan needed time to explore and learn on her own, and Victoria needed some wifey time. So, she gave her a tablet and summoned her husband back to her.

Later on that night, before bed, they made another discovery.

Branden was very happy about the news because he had been wanting another baby ever since Reagan was born. I hated him lol. Reagan, on the other hand, was not happy about the news.

She became more defiant and threw many tantrums.

But, it was nothing a five-minute dance party with mommy couldn’t fix.

Soon, baby Rita was born, and a certain someone changed her tune.

Soon enough, it was the girls’ birthdays…and I started experimenting with ReShade lol. Despite being happy about having a little sister, Reagan 2.0 was unhappy about it again. And, thus, begins the rocky relationship of these two sisters.



Benjamin felt like his time was coming soon and flew to Windenburg to see his baby sister and her family. She was so glad to see him and hear that her nieces were doing well. Two of them were married!

It saddened Victoria to think that very soon, all her siblings would be gone. It sucked that she was so much younger than them and she would potentially lose them all at once. The thought bothered her a lot, so she focused more on her children.

Time had flown by so quickly, and the thoughts of her siblings dying never left. She decided to invite them all over for a dinner party. Sure, it would be less a hassle for her to pack her family up for a week and go back to Oasis Springs, but she didn’t want to take the girls out of school, and she wanted her family to see their beautiful home. Naturally, her siblings were all retired and jumped at the chance to come. They also brought their children, and Victoria was thrilled to see her nieces and nephews again. Turns out Kyla, Dale and Jaxton had also gotten married! And Jaxton and Dale have sons! Maya is a grandma and Adrian is a grandpa! Quick pause. This makes Jonathan a grandpa seven times over and a great-grandpa twice over. Woot! Gen 12, baby!

Baylee (that’s cousin Juliana in the background)


Can’t forget about cousin Mark!

Victoria was not pleased with Reagan’s stank attitude. In the child’s defense, she’s a loner, but Victoria didn’t think it should matter around family. Little sister tried to help, but it was futile. The man in dreds they are talking to is Dale Pruett, Adrian’s son.

It was hard watching them go, especially the ones she knew she’d never see again. I don’t remember who, but one sibling died the next day, and then of course one by one they were gone.

Just a quick note, Victoria’s adult birthday passed a while ago. I forgot with the skin she has, her aging lines wouldn’t show. Later on in the story, you’ll see when I realized this lol. Speaking of aging, Branden had his birthday and gave himself a mature dad look…and new pajamas lol.

Life in the Vasquez house went on as usual with fighting children, messy children, and everything else. Soon enough, it was Reagan’s birthday again.

That is when life got very interesting for the family. One day, Reagan wanted to go to the park, and Branden made her take Rita with her. She didn’t want to take her, but she had no choice.

While at the park, Reagan met this girl from school who introduced herself as her sister. Branden never told them about their half-sister. At first, Reagan didn’t believe the girl, but she saw they had the same eyes. Branden had some ‘splaining to do!

She didn’t say anything when she got home, however. She didn’t know how to bring it up and tucked it away for a future discussion.

Soon enough, it was prom time! Reagan was on the prom committee and asked her father to chaperone. After meeting her friends, he let her go do whatever kids do at prom while still keeping an eye on her in the shadows.

The next day, she got up the courage to ask her father about her half-sister.

“How come you didn’t tell us we had a sister?”
“I’m sorry you had to find out that way.”

Shortly after prom, the boys started coming. Mama was not amused.

And then, another birthday.

I think she was shocked that the girl has her face almost exactly lol. No sooner than her birthday came, the attitude came. Somehow Rita thought it was ok to spend all night at the romance festival on a school night. She got her phone taken away. That oughta teach her.

Victoria was at level 9 in the parenting skill by then and could work wonders. She could take a situation like this…

…and turn it into this!

Bow before the almighty mom!

Those moments were short-lived, however, and Victoria was always on duty. Especially with Rita. That mean trait is a beast. She especially does not tolerate disrespecting her man!

I swear that girl has a death wish.

Kyla, Victoria’s oldest niece, desperately wanted to see her and invited her to her birthday party. Victoria could not say no and brought the whole family. She lived in San Myshuno with her husband, a place Victoria had never been before. In Pruett-like fashion, the birthday party was also a family reunion.

The boy in the corner is Victoria’s great-nephew, Jaxton’s son.

Victoria and Branden enjoyed their time away entirely too much because, when they returned home, she discovered that she was pregnant 5 days away from her elder birthday. I hate him again.

But first, another birthday.

I forgot to mention Reagan’s aspiration is bestselling author. She stays home all day and writes.

Victoria shared the news after the party.

Why does everyone look shocked and upset? Because it’s freakin twins!! I really hate him lol.

The sisters had gotten to know each other over the years and hang out occasionally. They told her about the craziness that was their very old parents expecting twins.

Reagan and an old friend began hanging out again…alone. Apparently, she wanted him to ask her to prom, and he had been beating himself up about it ever since. Looks like all is forgiven.

The twins were born at home. Welcome to the Vasquez family, Russell and Regina!

Meanwhile, someone’s not wasting any time…

I was very happy to finally have a kid with green eyes! Also, I think the boy’s hair was supposed to be Branden’s color which is the graying brown, but similar to the Pruett blonde hair caper, this kid got red hair instead. I let him keep it lol. He’s such a cute little chunky thing!

Ever since Reagan began dating, she can’t stop going on about her boyfriend. Some kind of way it makes bonding moments for the sisters. Victoria was shocked.

The nieces all came over for a visit to meet the new little cousins. Reagan also introduced them to her half-sister.

Annabeth Pruett, Adrian’s daughter

I forget which one, but one of these girls has a child at this point. I think Chelsey.


She looks sooooo much like Jonathan now! I mean, she always has, but especially now. This is her “I’m still cool and sexy for an old geezer” makeover lol.

And another birthday!


No sooner than she changed her look, she ran out the door to find a real party. I suppose I should mention right now her aspiration is serial romantic. Oy! She’s also the one I will be following next.

Level 10 mama wasted no time…

Don’t these scenes look familiar? So cute.

Though he wasn’t planning to have more kids, Branden is so glad to have a son.

Annnnd here’s trouble, acting like she grown…

While Rita was out making all kinds of errors in judgment, this was happening!

Some kind of way, Rita seems to be taken by her baby sister. Maybe there is hope for their relationship because her’s and Reagan’s is toast.

We were all excited about no more babies!

They’re pretty much identical.

Finally, to close this off and leave you in the present, Branden’s daughter has some news that open up old wounds…

He didn’t know she had gotten married and wanted to know why she didn’t tell him. She said she tried, but he was always busy with his other family. It’s true. Throughout her life, she and her mother constantly called him to invite him over, but it was always at the most inopportune time…like potty training LOL.

Branden apologized, and they hugged it out. Then he began telling “war stories” of his level 9 parenting.

Welp, that’s all folks! I hope you have enjoyed this epically long journey through the second half of generation 10, 11, and the beginning of 12! If you’re on Twitter and want to keep up with the Pruetts, you can follow me @StoriesByJes2G. Like I play this save every now and then, but I always post pictures. My commentary is gold, if I may say so LOL.

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