Pruett Anniversary: Pruett World Tour


It’s the official 2nd anniversary of the end of Pruett Family Legacy! [insert chair dancing] Thank you for coming along to look back on where they’ve been and looking at where they are now. Yesterday, you learned who most of the remaining Pruetts are. Today, let’s meet all of them and see where they live! This is a Let’s Play of sorts.

Now that I’ve recorded this and have a chance to sit and think about it, I’m trying to figure out if Owen’s family died out or if they still exist under new family names. The Garrison family in the restaurant story still exist, but seeing as how the real Pruett save is about a generation and a half ahead of where the alternate reality is, I suppose it’s quite possible they could have died without having children. Oh well. They probably got culled. Whether they exist or not, enjoy this peek at all the remaining Pruetts!

Pruett Anniversary: Catching Up

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