Pruett Family Legacy After Party!

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you semi-consoled over the ending of one of your favorite stories. If not, well…cheer up! There’s going to be an after party. 🙂 I want to do something a bit different to have one last hurrah. I’ve done a Q&A before, but I’m going to do it in a completely different way this time! I want to do it live…ish. Imagine… You send me questions… I don’t get a chance to read them ahead of time… I record myself answering them for the first time. I smell comedic gold lol. I’m quite sure I’ll cry too. Anyway, I think it will be fun! SO…ask me all your questions! Ask me about the story, the characters, the plots, my writing, me…anything you want! I hope no one tries to hang me, heh. I’ll give you seven days to get all your questions in. I’m a bit busy right now, so give me a couple of weeks to record and put the videos together—I know I’m gonna have to break them up. Once they’re ready, I’ll post one a day until I have no more to post! Does this sound like fun? I hope so. If you know my email address, you may email me. If not, you may submit them on the contact page, and they’ll be emailed to me. Don’t send them in a PM on the forum because then I’ll read them and that will take the fun out of it. I’ve had a few sitting in my inbox for about six months now, so I promise I won’t peak. 😉 Ok…go!

The Old Pruett Estate
The Window is Closing!

2 thoughts on “Pruett Family Legacy After Party!”

  • I have decided to just play a challenge, but I wanted to make it captivating as much as possible, so I informed myself how to become a part of the community, to be with real people, just not alone in that. I’ve always dreamed about The Sims franchise being online/multiplayer game. I think that this is even better than that. You have inspired me to be creative, and I found people who could potentially appreciate my “work”.
    Greetings from a lifelong Simmer and great job! 🙂

    • Wow! It’s great to hear from you! And yay for joining the community! You should check out a thread called Writer’s Lounge. I hangout there with a lot of my fellow SimLit authors. We’re a friendly bunch! See you soon!

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