Everywhere the Pruetts go is an impromptu family reunion. There is no place they can go where there is not at least two or three family members. They ran into Ryan, Owen’s son, and Marli while visiting the National Park.

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“Ryan! What are you doing out here? Are you guys camping too,” Brady said and embraced him.

“Hey, Uncle Brady. I’m just out enjoying nature. We never were able to go out much, so…you know.”

“Yeah. Oh! You haven’t met my daughter. This is Callie! Callie, this is your cousin, Ryan. He’s Uncle Owen’s son.”

“Hello, Ryan! It is a pleasure to make your accountant.”

“Acquaintance,” Viviana whispered.

Ryan looked surprised.

“She’s smart,” he said.

“Too smart,” Brady said. “We’re gonna go over to the museum thing if you want to come.”

“Nah. I don’t want to look at bugs,” Ryan said.

Callie’s eyes widened and shouted, “Bugs??”

“They’re in terrariums, princess. Come on. See you later, Ryan! Come by the house soon.”

They turned to go into the museum thing, but they were intercepted by another family member.

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“Marli! Look at you, all radiant and beautiful!”

“And you…all…young! Why are you still young?”

Brady hadn’t told Viviana about the potion yet.

“Yeah…isn’t your birthday today,” Viviana asked.

“Ummmmmmm…no. Not anymore!”

“Oh! You did the youth potion! My mom did that, and I was so glad she did. She lived until just before I had Jo Jo.”

“Are you mad, angel?”

“No! Of course not! I’m just wondering why you would think you had to keep it from me. Does everyone else know?”

“Ummmm…we all did it, actually…”


“Ok…I’m gonna let you two work this out. Later,” Marli said.

“Do you want to go in,” Brady asked.

“Bugs aren’t my thing. Don’t traumatize Callie, ok?”

Brady and Callie went inside and looked around.

“Daddy…these bugs can’t get out, right?”

‘Don’t traumatize Callie,’ she said. [sigh] That could have been a lot of fun, he thought.

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“No, princess. The bugs can’t get out.”

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