Read-a-thon: Chapter 1

I’ve never enjoyed beginning stories like “once upon a time, there lived….” It’s so boring and cliche and just not me. That was part of the reason I didn’t begin the story with Juliana. I wanted there to be a certain mystery about her and unfold her past as the story progressed. That’s how I chose to begin with Harold and Harriett. I also thought it would be a quick, fun way to introduce them and their drama.

The first few chapters are short because I didn’t want to spill all the beans on the Humphries either. We have to get to know them as well. So, I picked single moments to focus on that would give us insight into what kinds of people they are.

You’ll notice something new as you’re reading. When I was writing season two, I added a timer of sorts so you can, a.) keep track of how long Juliana has been in Willow Creek, and, b.) keep track of time in general. Seeing as how there are no seasons or time of year in the game, it is up to us writers to create our own sense of time. In general, I think I do an ok job with saying “2 weeks later,” but a visual reminder always helps. I have a feeling that some of you sleuths out there will find it handy when you get to the season finale! Enjoy chapter 1.

Fun Fact: I didn’t plan for Rebecca to be at the park! She lives in a different household, so I couldn’t control her. But, I think it worked out especially because she doesn’t show up in the story again until season 2.

Enjoy this excerpt from season 2!

Juliana is Coming!
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