Read-a-thon: Chapter 5 & 6

I know Axel is the villain in this story, but I kinda like him. He’s hilarious just like his dad. We won’t see him again until season 3, but his name is mentioned a few times in season 2. I couldn’t have him around much because of Juliana; Harriett made sure she never made that mistake again!

Harriett was so fun in this chapter. Her personality is so unique. Thanks again, carewren123, for building the Community Library! It was a pleasure to create its history and have it be a character in the story. I did this because I needed to make you all see how deep Harriett’s need for causes ran. I didn’t think it was enough just to make her be a nice old lady who helped a poor girl who needed it. I needed something that made you feel like helping people is what Harriett does. It’s not just something she does after seeing poor children and abandoned puppies on TV. Helping people is part of who she is, and it runs very deep.


Fun Fact: Harold and Harriett got their names from a personal joke. If you think I’m crazy, you’ll think my siblings are insane. We all have wild imaginations. All through my teenage years, I’ve had two sets of characters who were always my go to people for when I needed to throw a voice or something. First, there was Johnny and Sylvia. I imagined these two were from the 40s and were very dramatic. They always had the same script (and I wish you could hear me saying in their voices lol):

“Johnny, I…I don’t love you anymore!”

“But, Sylvia! I love you!”

(I am currently cracking up!)

Johnny and Sylvia got old because their two-line script wasn’t appropriate for all my stories, examples, and jokes. That’s how Harold and Harriett came along. Harold and Harriett were always the example couple I used in all my stories when I needed a lazy guy who got on his wife’s nerves. I would always start whatever I was going to make them say with Harriett shouting Harold’s name. She always had a high pitched voice and a strong southern accent. So, when I created the Sims (long before this story), I thought it would be hilarious to make my Harold and Harriett come alive! Voila!

Enjoy this teaser from season 2!

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