Read-a-thon: Chapters 9 & 10

Harriett teaching Juliana Simlish was the first idea I ever had when I was planning this story. I suppose you could say that chapter 9 is the nucleus of the story, and all the other chapters emanate from it. My concern was always her progress. Did she catch on too quickly? In season 2, you’ll learn that Juliana has an excellent memory which is the key to her success. However, whether she learned the language quickly or at a steady pace, I didn’t want her lessons with Harriett to be the story. Juliana needed to experience things, learn from them, and grow up in order for the story to move forward. So, I never describe the story as “about a girl who immigrates to a new country and has to learn a new language.” Learning the language is simply one of many obstacles she’ll have to overcome.

Like I said earlier, I have a hard time naming things. I struggled with what to call this chapter. To this day, I still don’t know what I should have called it. I had fun dropping Jase’s traits, aspiration, and occupation naturally in conversation.


Fun Fact: Jase is really cute under that beard! I’m thinking of having him shave in season 3. What do you think?

Enjoy this teaser from season 2!

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