Short Stories

Welcome Home

It all started when they opened the door to leave the doctor's office for the last time. The heavy ...
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The name is Freddie. Freddie Pease. I takes lemons and sell lemonade, heh heh. See, nobody likes a lemon. So I, ...
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Balderdash: Valetudinarian

This is Beatrice Lane. She lives at Umbrage Manor in Willow Creek all by her lonesome. The house had ...
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Balderdash: Avuncular

Young Emanuel Finney arrived at the park and ran over to the first kid he saw. “Hi! I’m Emanuel!” ...
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Balderdash: About-face

I had been to that house a million times before, but I had never been more excited to be walking ...
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Balderdash: Disencumber

As cute as this exchange is to watch, I only have one night with him, and I don’t want to waste ...
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