Short Stories

Balderdash: Tyro

I feel both their eyes on us as we’re walking down the street. I can imagine that she’s crying, and ...
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Balderdash: Contemplation

People always thought me and Antoine were twins. I suppose Andrea and Antoine are cute twin pairings. I’m actually a ...
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Balderdash: Misadventure

Emmanuel finished his homework and was ready for dinner; Antoine had just finished grilling some burgers. The smell of the juicy ...
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Balderdash: Delicate

She called me over. She calls me over a lot but on behalf of little man. You know, it’s ...
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Balderdash: Pensive

He’s been calling me. It’s been a few weeks since we spoke about…. Well, I can’t even take credit for ...
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Balderdash: Contemporaneously

I took my family out to dinner. I spent weeks calling Andrea so we could get to know each other ...
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