SimLit (sometimes SimsLit) is a word derived from “The Sims” and “literature” used to describe stories which are inspired by characters and/or scenarios created with the game The Sims. It is an awesome phenomenon that does not seem to have an end. As children, we read books with pictures in them. When we grow up, we’re told to put the pictures away and envision the happenings of literature in our minds. Guess what? SimLit makes pictures cool again!

As a storyteller, writing stories is fun all on its own. But incorporating my favorite game into storytelling makes it epic! I am never at a loss for ideas. I write many different types of SimLit. I write game-driven stories, story-driven stories, and stories that are a mixture of both. Game-driven stories are told from the perspective of characters which live within the realm of the game. What you read is their account of what has transpired during gameplay. Story-driven stories are told from the perspective of characters which live within the realm of my imagination. What you read is their account of the life I have created for them. What you see is simply characters and sets that are staged to illustrate the story. These stories are detailed, dramatic, and emotional, and take as much work as writing a novel.

I love writing these stories, and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Delicious Dishes & Dreams

In a perfect world, this is the happily-ever-after I would have given Jonathan Pruett! With the advent of the release of ...
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Balderdash: The Untold Stories of My Sims

I create many Sims. Most of the time, the Sims I create have little pieces of stories attached to them ...
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Keeping Up with the Joneses

Things aren’t what they seem in the Courtyard Lane neighborhood of Willow Creek. The quiet, middle class neighborhood is ...
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The Wonder Kingdom

This is a fun, casual, light-hearted story about two crazy kids who met on the Internet, fell in love, got ...
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Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp

Crazy Brady's Boot Camp is a The Sims 4 reality show. Six contestants will be selected from a pool ...
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