Alternate Realities

Fear not! When your favorite story is over, the characters will live on!

Some of your favorite family members will be resurrected and will live again in their own story in their own alternate universe in their own saved game! None of these stories actually continue the original story, and they are not related in any way–although sometimes references will be made. They actually happen parallel…like on the other side of the looking-glass! I hope you enjoy your favorite characters in their new lives!

Delicious Dishes & Dreams

In a perfect world, this is the happily-ever-after I would have given Jonathan Pruett! With the advent of the release of ...
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The Wonder Kingdom

This is a fun, casual, light-hearted story about two crazy kids who met on the Internet, fell in love, got ...
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In this world, Melody never met Paxton. It was River she grew up with and had loved her whole life ...
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