Delicious Dishes & Dreams

In a perfect world, this is the happily-ever-after I would have given Jonathan Pruett! With the advent of the release of the Dine Out pack, I was compelled to revive him just for the purpose of fulfilling his dreams of having restaurants all around the world. When he was young, he proclaimed to his mother and grandmother that he wanted to be a restaurateur, and that is exactly what he is going to be!

I do not intend for this story to go on forever, and I don’t really want to reload Pruett Family Legacy although it will be tempting. So, I have made this a bit of a challenge for myself so there can be a definite end to this. Jonathan will open one restaurant in all five worlds! Windenburg will be the last one seeing as how in their minds Windenburg is actually another country. Each restaurant will need at least a 3.5 or higher star rating before I will allow him to purchase another restaurant. This may take a while seeing as how they do not have access to the funds from the Pruett Estate, so he and the family will be working quite hard to make this happen!


Oasis Springs Restaurant – “Bonheur Francais” by Huffle_Puffle18

Willow Creek Restaurant – “Pebble Burrow” by walkingaway (I added onto this)

Magnolia Promenade Restaurant –

Newcrest Restaurant –

Windenburg Restaurant –